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Eesti Maaülikooli SK Estonian Champions in Men and Women! – 11.05.2017

Eesti Maaülikooli SK won in both Men’s and Women’s league. Both finals were played best out of five.

Eesti Maaülikooli SK faced SK LINK/Saku in Women’s category winning the title by three games (4-2; 5-4 (OT); 4-2). Eesti Maaülikooli SK played solid matches throughout the final series using their potential better than the opponent. Season 2016/2017 was the third time for them to be titled as Estonian Champions. The MVP in play-offs was elected to be Reti Väärt (Eesti Maaülikooli SK), an experienced play-maker also presenting Estonia Women’s national team.

Photo: Meelis Aab (Estonian Floorball Union)

In Men’s league Eesti Maaülikooli SK became the Estonian Floorball Champion for the first time playing against young and promising Sparta team Automaailm. The final series turned out to be a real thriller, the cup was handed over only after the 5th match (8-9; 6-3; 8-5; 7-9; 5-3). Most valuable player in Men’s play-off’s was decided to be Karl-Erik Kruusmaa (Eesti Maaülikooli SK) - a young U19 national team’s goalie, who excelled in almost every match leading Eesti Maaülikooli SK to victory.

Photo: Renee Kütisaar (Estonian Floorball Union)