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U19 WFC 2017 B-Division: Day 4 – 06.05.2017

USA and Japan had an even fight for the 15th place on the fourth day of the Men´s U19 World Floorball Championships in Växjö, Sweden. Norway and Estonia made their way to the B-Division final.

USA – Japan 15th place 7-6 (2-4, 3-1, 2-1)
USA and Japan battled for the 15th place in the morning match at Fortnox arena. The match was incredibly even. Japan were the first to score, but USA evened the score and pulled ahead. Japan had an effective end of the first period as they scored three goals and led the match 4-2 after 20 minutes. The second period was team USA’s and before the end of the period they had evened the score to 5-5. Team USA’s hero was Adrian Hiram. He scored his third goal of the match and the winning goal at 50:56. USA won the match 7-6 and took the 15th place.

Best players:
USA #13 Hiram Adrian
JPN #16 Furuta Rui

Norway – Germany Semi-Final 9-6 (5-0, 3-1, 1-5)
Norway dominated the first period against Germany. They controlled the ball whereas Germany relied mostly on counter attack. After 20 minutes the score was already 5-0 for Norway. The second period was no different, though Germany did score their first goal at the end of the period and decreased the score to 1-8. Germany found their rhythm in the third period as they scored four goals in a row. Unfortunately for them, their final spurt wasn’t enough and Norway advanced to the B-Division Final with a 9-6 win.

Best players:
NOR #18 Svebestad Rune
GER #98 Braune Adrian

Australia – Estonia Semi-Final 4-7 (1-2, 2-2, 1-3)
Australia had had a victorious tournament before they met Estonia in the semi-final. In the first period, Estonia were more efficient, though the match was quite even. At 31:39 Estonia had increased their lead to 4-1. The Aussies didn’t give up, and were able to decrease the score to 3-4 before the end of the second period. The third period decided the match. Estonia took a 6-4 and even though Australia did their best, it wasn’t enough and Estonia sealed the deal with an empty net goal. Estonia proceeded to the B-Division final and will battle for a place in the A-Division against Norway.

Best players:
AUS #47 Gartner Tomas
EST #40 Mahla Simon Georg

Canada – Hungary 13th place 8-10 (3-4, 3-1, 2-5)
In the last match of the day at Fortnox arena, Canada and Hungary battled for the 13th place. Canada were the first to score, but at the end of the period the Hungarians led the match 4-3. Canada had a strong second period as they scored two goals within 20 seconds. Hungary evened the score, but after 40 minutes the score was 6-5 for the Canadians. At the start of the third period, Hungary scored a powerplay goal and minutes later Canada took a 5-minute penalty. This led to two more Hungarian goals. All in all, Hungary scored 4 goals within 10 minutes and led the match already 9-6. Canada came close to evening the score, but in the end the Hungarians celebrated their victory.

Best players:
CAN #18 Robillard Felix
HUN #11 Kvasznicska Norbert

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