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Happy Floorball Day to All – 12.04.2017

Today, on April 12th 2017, it is time to celebrate the second official International Floorball Day!

Exactly 31 years ago the International Floorball Federation was founded in Huskvarna, Sweden, by the floorball associations of Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. Since then, floorball has grown rapidly and after 31 years the IFF now has 66 member associations and over 320 000 licensed players around the world.

The official IFF 30th Anniversary Celebrations took place during the Men´s World Floorball Championships in December 2016 in Riga.

Last year the first Floorball Day way was celebrated and the IFF has received new members after that and the number of the member associations is now 66. The last ones to become members were Venezuela and Kenya. The growth has been steady and we are still growing.

One of the biggest thing for Floorball will be the World Games, which will be played in Wroclaw in Poland in the end of July 2017. That will be a time for another big Floorball celebration and the IFF hopes that as many fans as possible could join us for the joy of Floorball.

It´s now time to enjoy of the achievements of our magnificent sports and what would be better way to celebrate than to play Floorball today.