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Venezuela and Kenya new members of the IFF – 09.04.2017

 The first CB Meeting of 2017 was held in Madrid, Spain 8th-9th of April. The Floorball Venezuelan Federation and The Floorball Federation of Kenya are the newest members of the floorball family.

New Members
The Floorball Venezuelan Federation (FVFL) and the Floorball Federation of Kenya were approved to become new members, numbers 65 and 66 of the IFF. The IFF congratulates both new members.

Contacts to International Sports Organisations
The Indonesian federation is in process to negotiate with the organiser of the Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia about the possibility to play some kind of demo-tournament in connection to the Event. The IFF is supporting the initiative on the political level and looking for support for the initiative. IFF and a number of AOFC members have sent a letter of support to the Indonesian NOC.

World Games

The preparations for The World Games are ongoing. The IFF has had a venue check in Wroclaw, where most things are in order. One problematic issue is the limited space for VIP’s in the arena. During the venue check, the practical issues for the preparation was discussed with the WOC.

The IFF CB during its meeting stressed the importance of the upcoming World Games and it´s very important that all the IFF member associations also promote the World Games.

Rules- and Competition Committee (RACC)
The Rules Group has in its meeting in mid March made updates to the IFF rules of the game edition 2018 proposal, which will be taken in use from the 1st of July 2018 on.

Referee Committee (RC)

The new IFF RC had its first meeting during the first weekend of April. The RC decided the internal workload and proposed to nominate Sharil Ismail and Oswind Rosayro as international referees. Sharil Ismail has been an international referee for several years and Oswind Rosayro is his new pair.

Medical committee
The IFF Injury Study article written by Ms. Kati Pasanen has been published in a medical journal and been presented at some medical conferences. You can find it
here. The collection of injury reports will continue in the Champions Cup and the WFC’s

Further the IOC has published 12 principles for a more robust and independent global Anti-Doping System to protect clean athletes. The IFF is still to investigate what this means for Floorball and the medical committee will discuss this in its meeting.

The IFF CB decided to show strong support for the IOC declaration.

Athletes Commission
The IFF ExCo has elected Ms. Lidwien Reehuis as the IFF ATC Chair.The ATC election has been carried out during the WFC for Men and Women during the WFCQ. In total there was 694 votes for men, from 300 players and 1.413 votes for Women from 600 players.

Based on the ATC election result the ExCo decided to confirm the members in the IFF Athletes Commission and the IFF CB confirmed that.

The IFF Athletes Commission for the years 2017-2020 is:

Men: Johan Samuelsson (SWE), Tero Tiitu (FIN), Junoh Lee (KOR) and Tomas Sladky (CZE)
Women: Josefina Eiremo (SWE), Eliisa Alanko (FIN), Yui Takahashi (JPN) and Agata Plechan (POL)

There are few development seminars under planning still for the year 2017. The invitation has been sent out concerning the seminar in Hungary in Erd from the 2nd to 4th of June 2017. That seminar is built on more advanced participants and consist three different blocks; coaching, refereeing and good governance. The planning of the seminar in Turkey in October is also ongoing.

A good governance seminar is planned to take place in November in conjunction of the first 6NFC tournament in Slovakia. The seminar would take place on Thursday and Friday before the actual tournament weekend.  There are also plans to have a seminar in Burkina Faso during the year, but nothing specific has been agreed so far.

ParaFloorball information
The Special Olympics World Winter Games were organised in Austria. Floorball appeared for the first time as an ordinary sport with a total of 42 teams from 31 countries in two categories, in both traditional and the unified Floorball. There were around 400 athletes of the total 1.700 participants, making almost 25 per cent of all athletes.

The event was very well organised by the Austrian Floorball Association, which took care of the practical arrangements and the refereeing and the IFF CB would like to thank the Austrian Floorball Association for the arrangements.

The minutes of the IFF CB meeting will be published in few days´ time on the IFF website.