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Semi-finals in Sweden – 05.04.2017

In the top Swedish league, SSL, Men’s semi-finals have already started and the Women’s first semi-final matches will be played this week.

Men’s SSL
Växjö IBK were the first to proceed to the semi-finals as they defeated Pixbo Wallenstam IBK four times a row (2-1 ot., 7-5, 9-3, 5-3). Regular season winners IBF Falun and reigning champions Storvreta IBK were both able to secure their spot in the semis within five matches. IBF Falun won against FC Helsingborg (9-2, 4-7, 7-1, 7-3, 9-5) and Storvreta IBK won against IBK Dalen (6-1, 5-0, 2-4, 4-1, 3-2). Mullsjö AIS and Linköping IBK battled for the last place in the semi-finals. The winner was settled in the decisive seventh match which Mullsjö was able to win and thus made their way to the semi-finals (3-5, 6-5 ot., 5-4 ot., 5-4, 3-4, 3-4, 8-7).

Semi-final pairs:
Växjö IBK – Mullsjö AIS 1-0
IBF Falun – Storvreta IBK 1-0

Men’s first semi-final matches have already been played. Växjö won against Mullsjö 6-3 and IBF Falun won against Storvreta 6-1. The semi-finals will be played with a best of seven system.

Women’s SSL
It was no surprise that IKSU, who won the regular season and made history with their 74 points, were among the first to make it to the next round. They defeated Malmö FBC three times in a row (8-1, 8-2, 10-6). Last season’s silver medallists KAIS Mora IF and reigning champions Pixbo Wallenstam IBK also made their way to the semis with three wins in a row. KAIS Mora IF defeated Karlstad IBF (4-2, 4-3 ps., 8-3) and Pixbo Wallenstam IBK defeated Rönnby Västerås IBK (5-3, 6-4, 6-2). Täby FC IBK and Endre IF had an even battle for the last place in the semis. In the end, Täby FC IBK won against Endre IF in the decisive fifth match and proceeded to the semis (3-7, 4-3 ps., 3-2, 3-4 ot., 4-3).

Semi-final pairs:
IKSU – Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
KAIS Mora IF – Täby FC IBK

Women’s first semi-final match will be played tomorrow. The semi-finals will also be played with a best of five system.

Source: www.innebandy.se
Photos: Per Wiklund