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Galante Carlström & Wijk World´s Best 2016 – 17.03.2017

Innebandymagazinet along with national team coaches and international floorball media, announces every year the world’s best floorball players. The awarded players for 2016 are Alexander Galante Carlström (IBF Falun) and Anna Wijk (KAIS Mora IF).

For the 12th consecutive year the world’s best male floorball player is announced. Alexander Galante Carlström, forward in IBF Falun and the Swedish national team, gets the 2016 award.
- It´s great fun, it is the largest award you can get as an individual player. "World´s best" is just as it sounds, the best in the world, so it cannot be bigger. I have always had the goal to win it so it´s a dream come true, pure joy, says Alexander Galante Carlström.

Foto: IFF/Event-bilder.se

Why Galante Carlström? 
Alexander Galante Carlström has belonged to the world elite for several years and at the same time becomes better and better every season. A player who has been very important for both his club Falun and the Swedish national team. In 2016, he was absolutely dominant in the Swedish Super League with most goals and points, and has demonstrated a minimum level that has been amazingly high. It’s time that the world´s best goal scorer is also announced as the world´s best floorball player.

Facts about Alexander Galante Carlström
Born: January 30, 1989.
Position: Forward.
First club: Westra Aros IBK.
Current club: IBF Falun.
Merits: 1 WFC gold medal 2014, 3 Swedish National Championship gold medals 2013/2014/2015, 3 Champions Cup gold medals 2013/2014/2015, Player of the year in Sweden 2015/16, Forward of the year in Swedish Super League 2012/13 och 2015/16.
Internationals: 52. 53 goals, 35 assists, 88 points total.

World’s best male floorball players 2016
1. Alexander Galante Carlström, Sweden & IBF Falun
2. Eero Kosonen, Finland & Växjö IBK
3. Rasmus Enström, Sweden & IBF Falun
4. Peter Kotilainen, Finland & Happee Jyväskylä
5. Nico Salo, Finland & Classic
6. Kim Nilsson, Sweden & FBC Kalmarsund
7. Krister Savonen, Finland & Classic
8. Emil Johansson, Sweden & IBF Falun
9. Rasmus Sundstedt, Sweden & HC Rychenberg
10. Matej Jendrisak, Czech Republic & Linköping IBK

World’s best male players year by year
2005: Mika Kohonen, Finland
2006: Anders Hellgård, Sweden
2007: Anders Hellgård, Sweden
2008: Magnus Svensson, Sweden
2009: Mika Kohonen, Finland
2010: Mika Kohonen, Finland
2011: Mika Kohonen, Finland
2012: Mika Kohonen, Finland
2013: Rasmus Enström, Sweden
2014: Kim Nilsson, Sweden
2015: Rasmus Enström, Sweden
2016: Alexander Galante Carlström, Sweden

Photo: IFF/Fredrik Lindblom

Anna Wijk, centre forward and captain of KAIS Mora IF and the Swedish national team, gets the 2016 female award for the third time.
- Of course it feels incredible. I say the same thing every year, but that´s the way I feel. To perform on this level season after season is of course fun and great for me as a player, says Anna Wijk.

Why Wijk?
Anna Wijk continues to be the brightest star in both the Swedish Super League and the Swedish national team. The unique combination of high minimum level and outstanding skill have made her the player that everyone looks up to. In 2016 she took her club KAIS Mora to the national finals with most points in the league, after playing on top level in each match.

Facts about Anna Wijk
Born: July 20, 1991.
Position: Center.
First club: IBK Alba.
Current club: KAIS Mora IF.
Merits: 4 WFC gold medals 2009/2011/2013/2015, 1 Swedish National Championship gold medal 2015, Player of the year in Sweden 2013/14 och 2015/16, Centre of the year in Swedish Super League 2009/10, 2011/12, 2013/14, 2014/15 och 2015/16.
Internationals: 78. 38 goals, 90 assists, 128 points total.

World’s best female floorball players 2016
1. Anna Wijk, Sweden & KAIS Mora IF
2. Nina Rantala, Finland & Classic
3. Sara Hjorting, Sweden & Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
4. Corin Rüttimann, Switzerland & IKSU
5. Emelie Wibron, Sweden & IKSU
6. My Kippilä, Finland & Rönnby Västerås IBK
7. Moa Tschöp, Sweden & Täby FC IBK
8. Eliisa Alanko, Finland & Classic
9. Cornelia Fjellstedt, Sweden & IKSU
10. Eliska Krupnova, Tjeckien & Pixbo Wallenstam IBK

World’s best female floorball players year by year
2007: Karolina Widar, Sweden
2008: Simone Berner, Switzerland
2009: Karolina Widar, Sweden
2010: Hermine Dahlerus, Sweden
2011: Emelie Lindström, Sweden
2012: Emelie Lindström, Sweden
2013: Emelie Lindström, Sweden
2014: Anna Wijk, Sweden
2015: Anna Wijk, Sweden
2016: Anna Wijk, Sweden

Facts about the award
World´s best floorball players have been awarded since year 2005 on the men´s side and 2007 on the women´s side, making this the 12th and 10th time. Winners are selected by Innebandymagazinet in cooperation with national team coaches and international media from the most influential floorball countries. Finnish star Mika Kohonen has been awarded most (5) times.

Source: Innebandymagazinet