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WFC 2010 team presentations: Group A with FIN, RUS, DEN, CAN – 24.11.2010

All the Men´s WFC groups will be presented before the WFC on the IFF webpage and first up is the presentation of the Group A with Finland, Russia, Denmark and Canada.

Finland is the reigning champion and is the favourite to win the group A. Denmark and Russia will most likely decide the 2nd place and the DEN-RUS match on Sunday the 5th can decide which team will make it to the quarter-finals. Canada will play for the first time in the Men´s WFC final round.

Finland Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 2nd
1998: 3rd
2000: 2nd
2002: 2nd
2004: 3rd
2006: 2nd
2008: 1st 

# 27 Hyvärinen

 # 29 Kohonen

# 8 Kivilehto 

Finland - The reigning champion will be a tough team to beat on home ground. The team includes a mixture of experience and young talent. The Finns are hungry scratchers, willing, able and ready to win the WFC 2010.

Players to be noted:
Rickie Hyvärinen: a forward with an awesome shot and a great ability to protect the ball. Hyvärinen is a player who is mentally tough when needed.    
Mika Kohonen: one of the best player in the world. Magical passing skills and a tremendous eye for the game. Kohonen made floorball history in the November´s EFT by scoring his 200th point as the first player in the world.  
Juha Kivilehto: a professional player, who wants and is capable of taking a huge role in the Team. A defender that is also very dangerous in the offensive zone.

Russia Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 6th
1998: 7th
2000: 8th
2002: 9th
2004: 7th
2006: 9th
2008: 7th 

# 10 Taldonov

  # 15 Semenov

# 4 Uglanov

Russia - Russia´s aim in the WFC 2010 is to win the 5th place, which would be the first time in history. The goal is also to show good floorball for all their spectators.

Players to be noted: 
Alexander Taldonov: a quick forward with the best ball control in the team. Despite his young age he played already in the Men´s team in WFC 2006 and in WFC 2008 he scored 5+0.
Pavel Semenov: a forward who is a good playmaker and very agressive when attacking, which he proved in WFC 2008 by collecting 4+4.
Dmitry Uglanov: a defender with good technical skills that has a lot of experience from international games. Uglanov has played in the WFC´s 2002, 2004 and 2008.

Denmark Men

Participations & Placements

1996: 7th
1998: 4th
2002: 4th
2004: 9th
2006: 6th
2008: 9th 

# 14 Pedersen

# 17 Christoffersen

# 1 Kjaer

Denmark - This Danish team seems like the best prepared team for many years. The team spirit is really high, and the play has been turned from defensive to a ball possesion offensive kind of style. The team aims to the quater-finals.

Players to be noted: 
Dannie Pedersen: a strong and ball controlling defensive player, who has gone through a massive developement during resent years.
Mathias Christoffersen: only 18 years old and presenting Denmark in both MU19 and the Men´s team. A highly rated talent, with great speed    
and a nose for goals.   
Anders Kjær: has taken the step from playing in the Danish division to Sweden and has lifted his play to a high level of goalkeeping.

Canada Men

Participations & Placements

2004: 22nd
2006: 24th
2008: 23rd
2010: Qualified from the WFCQ

# 21 Parikka

  # 6 Hannelius

# 81 Schuler

Canada - The North American team wishes to prove that they are stronger than in the C-division 2008 in Bratislava.

Players to be noted: 
Risto Parikka: a player that scores a lot of goals. In the WFC Qualifications against USA he scored 4 goals in two matches.
Lauri Hannelius: a playmaker in the Canadien defence that plays for the Finnish League team KooVee. He collected 1+5 in the WFCQ.
Philip Schuler: team Canada´s scoring leader that plays for Zug United in Switzerland. Schuler scored 2+3 in the WFCQ.

WFC 2010 Pre-interviews from the IFF Youtube Sportshub channel
Schedule and TV matches from the IFF WFC 2010 webpage
News, tickets, host city information from the Organisers Official Magical Games webpage

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