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AUS MU19 v. NZL MU19 ends in a draw – 10.10.2014

The first game at the International level between New Zealand and Australia Men U19 was held at the Dural Sports Centre in NSW.

The game started with some early nervousness with many new players at this level.  After the initial period Australia scored first at the 6:32 minute mark with a pass from Andrew Hay to Daniel Gartner who finished the shot. A long period of missed opportunities by both teams with few real saves required by both teams GK ended with a New Zealand goal  from a long pass to an unmarked player who beat the New Zealand GK to score. The first period ended at 1-1.

The second period commenced with a lot of passing and running but little danger on the GK for both teams. The crowd was vocal with a strong NZ contingent present. Both teams had power play opportunities but failed to take advantage.  Eventually Australia scored from a good Daniel Gartner pass to Nicholas Yeoh who scored in the top of the goal unmarked at the 29:45 minute. New Zealand equalled at 2-2 only 2 minutes later with a pass from Lucas Early to Ethan Harper who scored from a strong wrist shot. The game then went into a period of fast attacking play but few shots on goal.

Both teams were pushing at the start of the third period and made each GK make some good saves. It wasn’t until the 51 minute that the game really heated up with the NZ crowd going crazy when they scored from a scrambled pass from Ethan Harper to Musa Olatunji who put the ball away to give NZ a lead of 3-2. Australia responded 4 minutes later at the 55 minute mark with a goal by Nicholas Yeoh from another pass by Daniel Gartner, this brought the Australian crowd to life. The next few minutes were very hectic and pressured from both teams with lots of half chances  and saves by both GK. Both teams had power play opportunities with NZ scoring on a power play at 57:11 with Ethan Harper again assisting by passing to the NZ captain Matthew Bertschinger who scored unmarked.  With both team supporters being very vocal Australia scored on their power play with only 16 seconds left. Tom Gartner provide a dangerous pass into the goal area and Nicholas Yeoh managed to put the bouncing ball away to make the game a draw at 4-4.

The MVP for each team was awarded to Daniel Gartner for Australia with 1 +2 and Musa Olatunji for NZ with 1 goal. Both teams had 2 players who were also very close for the MVP award in Nicholas Yeoh with 3 goals for Australia and Ethan Harper with 1 + 3 for New Zealand.

Daniel Gartner, AUS
Musa Olatunij, NZL

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