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MEN´S WFCQ 2018 - EUR1 - Team Presentations – 16.01.2018

Finland, Estonia, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Liechtenstein are in Group EUR1 and they will compete in Tallinn (Estonia) on the 31.01 - 4.02.2018.

In Europe, there will be 22 teams competing in four qualification groups with three event locations - Tallinn (Estonia), Nitra (Slovakia) and Valmiera (Latvia).

Each team will play once against each of the other teams in their group. Based on the results from these group matches, a total of 10 teams will qualify according to the following:
- The two best teams from each qualification group will qualify; and
- The the two best 3rd placed teams will qualify.
The calculation of the best 3rd teams will follow this order: 1. Average number of points 2. Average goal difference 3. Average scored goals 4. Lottery drawing*

*Since the number of teams between the qualification groups differs, the group sizes will be equalised by removing the results from the matches against the lowest placed teams in the larger-sized group before comparing the average results.

More information about the WFCQ2018 is available here.


Team Presentations


Team Finland is a combination of young talents and experienced players. Team is looking forward to the games 2018 and 2020. The future of Finnish floorball is landing to Estonia.

Players to watch

Krister Savonen: Defender that has unique ball handling and body control skills. Playing skill in it´s purest.
Sami Johansson: Sniper that has an incomprehensible shot. Scorer of God´s grace and of course continuous training.
Jani Kukkola: Three time men´s world champion aiming to the next games. One of the Finland´s leading center players. Fire and fury on the playing field. The captain of the Finnish team.

#56 K. Savonen

#77 S. Johansson

#22 J. Kukkola



Although we have many debutants in team Estonia, the level of the players is equally good. Many players are still very young, but skilful. The aim is to qualify for the WFC 2018 in Prague.

Players to watch

Rainer Kalde: a goalie, who on his good day makes half of the team. His biggest strengths are good throw-out and positioning.
Mats Tamme: fast and skillful defender, who excels in both ends. A real headache for opponents.
Patrik Kareliusson: Team´s "Wunderkind", a real artist on the floorball field. Takes the best out of scoring opportunities and plays well in both in attacking and defending. The key player of team Estonia.

#20 R. Kalde

#18 M. Tamme

#8 P. Kareliusson



Team Poland is a young team and they have one goal – promotion to the World Championship in Prague.

Players to watch

Mateusz Antoniak: Top polish scorer. He scored 52 points (35G+17A/11games) in the current polish "Ekstraliga” season. 3rd scorer in last World Championship (9G+5A/5games).
Michał Dziurdzik: Experienced polish defender whit a very strong shot. He returns to the National Team after 4 years. In the past he played in Czech league (FBC Ostrava, Pardubice).
Karol Pelczarski: One of the most talented players of the young generation. He is very fast and he has precise shot.

#15 M. Antoniak

#99 M. Dziurdzik

#13 K. Pelczarski



The highlight for Belgian floorball in 2018 is the WFCQ in Estonia. This qualification will give the answer to the question: is Belgian floorball on the right track? They hope that the answer is yes and that they can learn even more from playing opponents like the world champions. Playing the WFCQ is a way to develop floorball in Belgium.

Players to watch

Arpad Berteloot: Berteloot is a quick, technically skilled defender who never gives up.
Tim Ghilain: The team’s assistant captain who knows how to show leadership on the field. Great character but also a great multi-talented player.
Matthias De Saedeleer: A solid and reliable center. De Saedeleer is always ready to give 100% for his team.

#8 A. Berteloot

#17 T. Ghilain

#18 M. De Saedeleer


The Netherlands

The Dutch team is a team with a good mix of experienced and some new young players. All eager to play and to develop themselves as well as the team. In the past two years the Dutch team has made some considerable steps. As a relative low international ranked team in this tournament the Dutch team has relatively nothing to loose and only to win. Our goal is to surprise the international floorball community and qualify for the end tournament.

Players to watch

Dimitri Vermaat: The WFCQ in 2016 was his debute for the Dutch team. His length combined with his reflexes and experiences from the Swiss NLB makes him a impressive goalie.
Aron Piekema: He is like ´the pink bunny with the right batteries´. He is unstoppable and incredibly eager to win each duel on the field.
Max Molander: He is one of the "young guns" which moved up from the U19. Max combines stamina with great technical skills and is able to read the game on the field.

#1 D. Vermaat

#14 A. Piekema

#21 M. Molander



The Liechtenstein national team was built in the year 2005. Since then Liechtenstein was participating at the Men´s WFC 2008 C-division in Slovakia, at the Men´s WFCQ 2010 EUR2 in Spain, at the Men´s WFCQ 2014 EUR4 in Latvia and at the Men´s WFCQ 2016 EUR4 in Slovenia. The aim of Liechtenstein is to win at least one game at the Men´s WFCQ EUR1 2018 in Estonia.

Players to watch

Rainer Büchel: Captain and one of the most skilled players of the team.
Oliver Schlumpf: Great defender who knows to read the game.
Valentin Vogt: 19 years young and already participating the 3rd time at the Mens WFCQ. 

#8 R. Buchel

#73 O. Schlumpf

#49 V. Vogt

  All team and player information is provided by the teams themselves and only edited by IFF.