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French Women´s national team to play 1st Internationals – 25.10.2013

The French Floorball Federation has been focusing on the development of women´s floorball during the past season and now their women´s national team is ready to play their first internationals.

France will face Great Britain, a  team making a comeback to the international scene, after a long break. The GB women´s team last played in the WFC 2001.

France and Great Britain will play two matches, the first on November 2nd and second on November 3rd.

This is how the 25-year old forward, Pauline Meneust (in photo), comments the selection to the newly formed national team.

- We are all aware of the chance to participate in the development of French floorball with the launch of this team and it´s up to us to facilitate the advancement of women´s floorball in France in the right direction. I hope that we will improve our level to be able to make a small place on the international scene.

Pauline began to play floorball after 8 years of roller hockey and she discovered floorball while studying in the Netherlands where it was offered at the University.

France in WFC 2015

The French Floorball Federation is also planning to register for the WFC 2015 (deadline to register 31.12.2013).

The women´s  national championships in France will start again on November 30th, in Lyon with 4 regional teams and players from different clubs in each team. In addition the plan ist to organise a for a special 3 vs 3 (small field) tournament in May.

- This tournament  will include only club teams, the aim being to involve as many clubs as possible and encourage them to promote women´s floorball and to develop more female sections everywhere, Jerome Joaille, the French Floorball Federation President informs.

The French Floorball Federation is hosting both the men´s and women´s internationals in Tourcoing, during November Internationals weekend.

3 Nations Men´s tournament

Three teams will play in the men´s internationals, Belgium, Great Britain and France. The matches can be followed on the IFF web pages.

Men´s & Women´s Internationals
International de France
Salla Moutaa Louati
Tourcoing, France
1st - 3rd November 2013

Source & more information: www.floorball.fr
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