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Follow the weekend´s play-off matches in the top 4 leagues – 11.03.2011

Semi-finals are starting in Switzerland and quarter-finals are played in Finland, Czech Republic and in the Women´s Elitserien in Sweden. Many of the Czech play-off matches can be followed live on Web-TV.

In the Swedish Men´s Superleague the last matches are played on Saturday where after the quarter-final opponents are selected.


Sweden Men: Before the last round it is clear that the following teams will play in the play-offs: Warberg, AIK, Storvreta, Dalen, Pixbo, Linköping, Caperiotäby and Falun.

The last SSL regular season matches are played on Saturday and the quarter-final opponents are chosen directly afterwards. Follow the last round of the regular season from here.

Sweden Women:
The quarter- finals are starting today with four matches and the second round is played on Sunday.  

Women´s quarter-final matches during the weekend:

11.03. 19.00 (CET)
 IKSU - IBK Dalen
11.03. 19.30 (CET)
 KAIS Mora IF - Endre IF
11.03. 19.30 (CET)
 Pixbo Wallenstam IBK - IBF Falun
11.03. 19.00 (CET)
Rönnby IBK - Djurgårdens IF IBF
13.03. 17:00 (CET) IBK Dalen - IKSU
13.03. 13:00 (CET) Endre IF - KAIS Mora IF
13.03. 16:00 (CET) IBF Falun - Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
Follow the quarter-finals from the on-line match records found here.


Etusivu Finland Men: The quarter-finals, best of five, are staring today with a full round. The regular season winner Classic and the reigning champion, SSV, can be considered as favourites but the other two quarter-final series are expected to be tight.

Men´s quarter-final matches on Friday (next matches played on Monday):

11.03. 18:30 (17:30 CET) Classic - Nokian KrP
11.03. 18:30 (17:30 CET) 
SSV - Josba
11.03. 18:30 (17:30 CET) Oilers - Koovee
11.03. 18:30 (17:30 CET)
 SPV - Erä
Follow the quarter-final matches from here.

Finland Women: The regular season winner Classic and NST with the equal score are the play-off favourites. Three victories are needed for a spot in the semi-finals.

Women´s quarter-final matches on Saturday and Sunday:

12.3. 17.30 (16:30 CET) 
Classic - PSS
12.3. 17.00 (16:00 CET) NST - Happee
12.3. 17.00 (16:00 CET) SB-Pro - Tiikerit
12.3. 16.00 (15:00 CET) OLS - Erä III
13.3. 16.00 (15:00 CET) PSS - Classic
13.3. 18.30 (17:30 CET) Happee - NST
13.3. 18.00 (17:00 CET) Tiikerit - SB-Pro
13.3. 14.00 (13:00 CET) Erä III - OLS
Follow the quarter-final matches from here.


Switzerland Men: Wiler-Ersigen won the regular season but also the new cup winner GC Zürich has proved to be in great shape. The semi-finals, best of five, will start with two rounds played during the weekend.

Men´ semi-final matches on Saturday and Sunday:

12.03. 19:00 (CET) Alligator Malans - GC Zürich
12.03. 19:00 (CET) Wiler-Ersigen - Tigers Langnau
13.03. 16:30 (CET) Alligator Malans - GC Zürich
13.03. 16:30 (CET) Wiler-Ersigen - Tigers Langnau
Follow the semi-final matches from

Switzerland Women: Piranha Chur won the regular season and together with the cup winner Red Ants Rychenberg they are the favourites in the play-offs. The women´s semi-finals best of five also start this Saturday.

Women´s semi-final matches on Saturday and Sunday:

12.03. 18:00 (CET) Red Ants Rychenberg - UHC Dietlikon
12.03. 19:00 (CET) Piranha Chur - Bern Capitals
13.03. 19:30 (CET) Red Ants Rychenberg - UHC Dietlikon
13.03. 16:00 (CET) Piranha Chur - Bern Capitals
Follow the semi-final matches from here.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic Men: The Quarter-finals will start on Saturday and the regular season winner, Tatran, is a strong favourite. Three victories are needed for a slot in the semi-finals.

The men´s play-off matches and one women´s match can be watched live on Internet-TV.

Men´s quarter-final matches on Saturday and Sunday:

12.03. 20:00 (CET) FBC Remedicum Ostrava - FBC Liberec, Web-TV
12.03. 20:00 (CET) Tatran Omlux Střešovice - x3m team SSK Future Web-TV
12.03. 17:00 (CET) 1. SC WOOW Vítkovice - Bulldogs Brno, Web-TV
12.03. 18:00 (CET) TJ JM Chodov BILLY BOY - Mladá Boleslav Web-TV
13.03. 17:00 (CET) FBC Remedicum Ostrava - FBC Liberec, Web-TV
13.03. 14:30 (CET) Tatran Omlux Střešovice - x3m team SSK Future Web-TV
13.03. 17:00 (CET) 1. SC WOOW Vítkovice - Bulldogs Brno Web-TV
13.03. 14:15 (CET) TJ JM Chodov BILLY BOY - Mladá Boleslav Web-TV
Follow the quarter-final matches on-line from here.

Czech Women: The quarter-finals will continue with third round and fourth rounds on Friday and Saturday. Herbadent SJM Praha 11, FbŠ ROPRO Bohemians and 1. SC WOOW Vítkovice are leading their best of five series 2-0, so the series can be settled already during the 3rd round. The victories are 1-1 between Chodov and Liberec. Friday´s match Ostrava - Vitkovice can be watched on Web-TV.

Women´s Quarter-final matches during the weekend:

11.03. 20:00 (CET) FBC Remedicum Ostrava - 1. SC WOOW Vítkovice
12.03. 18:00 (CET) ELITE PRAHA - FbŠ ROPRO Bohemians
12.03. 16:30 (CET) PRESTIGE Management FBC Liberec - TJ JM Chodov
12.03. 17:00 (CET) Děkanka SK Praha 4 - Herbadent SJM Praha 11
13.03. 13:30 (CET) FBC Remedicum Ostrava - 1. SC WOOW Vítkovice
13.03. 16:00 (CET) ELITE PRAHA FbŠ ROPRO Bohemians
13.03. 18:30 (CET) PRESTIGE Management FBC Liberec - TJ JM Chodov
13.03. 19:00 (CET) Děkanka SK Praha 4 - Herbadent SJM Praha 11
Follow the quarter-finals on-line from

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