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MU19 WFCQ EUR1 - Final day - Russia qualified – 09.09.2018

In the final day of the U19 WFCQ in Moscow the biggest interest was focused to the last match of the event where it should be decided which team would accompany Slovenia to Canada in May 2019.

In the first match of the day team Belgium still had the chance to reach the 4th place in this qualification and team France still waiting for their first win.
The first period started with a Belgian dominance where a lot of shots were taken. 1-0 came after 10 minutes but no more goals were scored in this period where the French keeper made 11 saves.

Team France equalised at 23:17 but made an own goal just two minutes later putting the Belgians back in the lead. In the second period the game evened and the shots were given and taken quite evenly.

In the last period the Belgians scored already at 41:36 3-1 equally shorthanded and from this moment more or less controlled the match. One more Belgian goal was scored at 52:45 to the final score 4-1.

Best players: Daan De Leersnyder, Belgium and Vincent Batista, France.

In the second match Slovenia scored 1-0 shorthandedly at 09:18 having a grip in a period were the speed was quite low.
When Slovenia scored 2-0 and 3-0 within two minutes and with only four minutes left of the 2nd period their lead felt safe.
But suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, Spain made two quick goals and the excitement was there with 3-2 for Slovenia after two periods.

The excitement increased when Spain first equalised to 3-3 at 41:51 and then got a 5 minutes power play. During this the Slovenians however showed class and scored twice to a 5-3 lead.
Team Spain did not give up for this. Back at full strength for both teams Spain scored 4-5 at 50:15 and 5-5 at 50:30.
The match had really turned to coast to coast floorball. Slovenia scored 6-5 at 52:10 and 7-5 at 52:47. And even though the open game continued no more goals were scored and the match ended 7-5 to Slovenia

Best players: Pablo Serrano Mendoza, Spain and Martin Zupancic, Slovenia

In the last match of the event the last European spot to the final round was at stake.
Russia started controlling the match but it was Estonia, on a shot from distance, that scored the first goal, But in a power play the Russians equalised at 8:47. Although a lot of shots passed the defence lines there were no more goals in the first period.
The Russians got better paid in the beginning of the 2nd period where 2-1 was scored at 22:43 and two minutes later a powerplay goal gave them a 3-1 lead. There were a lot of penalties in this period and Estonia had six straight minutes of power play without scoring. The result after two periods was 3-1 to Russia.

The third period was not like anything in this event. 8 goals were scored, the last one was the 6-6 goal by Estonia without goalie at 58:52. The Estonians gave their utmost to get a winning goal but this tournament was not theirs to succeed in. The result 6-6 meant that Russia took the last European spot and qualified to the final round.

Best players: Ilia Shitov, Russia and Sten-Martin Mägi, Estonia

Match statistics can be found here.
Photos are available on Flickr and match replays on YouTube.



BEL - #96 Thibault Franceus

ESP - #74 Daniel Guzman Vicente

EST - #10 Remu Keltanen

FRA - #1 Thibault Le Goff

RUS - #9 Aleksander Moshkin

SLO - #17 Luka Peklaj