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Athletes for athletes! ATC at U19 WFF – 06.08.2018

During the Women’s U19 WFC in Switzerland, a practice session was held with IFF Athletes’ Commission Member and U19 WFC teams.

For the first time the IFF Athletes’ Commission (ATC) members got active during their meetings:
- It was SO much fun to meet the players and they were really interested and listening, so I think they also thought that this was fun, says ATC member Josefina Eiremo who is known as the former captain of Swedish national team.
- I think we just created a great tradition, states ATC member and Czech national team player Tomas Sladky.

Many players had not heard that much about the ATC beforehand, but all of them thought that it’s good to involve the players in the decision proses in order to have a community say in the development of the sport:
- I think it’s really good to have someone to link the athletes’ views with the IFF, says Camryn Johnson a U19 player from New Zealand.

The IFF Athletes’ Commission has been up and running for more than ten years now:
- The reason for it was part of the initiative from the International Olympic Committee and we use it as a voice between the players and the IFF executive, says the IFF Event Manager Sarah Mitchell.

Learn more about the IFF ATC and check out some parts of the practice sessions from the vid below.