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IFF takes action for development of Chinese Floorball – 02.10.2017

The IFF has annulled the cooperation agreement with CFD due to severe material regulation rules violations. While this is a very unfortunate news regarding floorball in China, the IFF also has good news. In connection to the development of Chinese Floorball, the IFF has signed an agreement with Finnish Kisakallio Sports Institute, which together with the China Floorball Federation will create a coaching education system.

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The IFF has with immediate effect annulled the cooperation agreement signed in November 2015 with GameWe Sport/China Floorball Development (CFD) represented by Ms. Chen Xin concerning development activities of Floorball in China. All activities or rights hold by CFD or any organisation in relation to this has ceased with immediate effect on the 28th of September.

The agreement was annulled because the IFF tested and certified Floorball brand, Rockwind, has made a number of rules violation in respect to the IFF Material Regulation by selling non-approved material as IFF Approved Material and using non-approved components with IFF markings in non-approved products. The IFF will decide separately about the sanctions to Rockwind in accordance with the IFF Material Regulations.

In order to not loose speed in the swift development of Floorball in China, IFF has initiated and advised the CFD and the organisations controlled by Ms. Chen Xin to immediately start the cooperation with the IFF member association, the China Floorball Federation. CFD has agreed to this and the negotiations will be held during October.
- From the IFF point of view it is very unfortunate that the CFD and the Rockwind brand has not only misused their IFF approval and not followed the IFF Material Regulation, but not worked together with the CFF, as it harms not only the Rockwind brand, the CFD, the CFF, but also IFF and Floorball at large in China, says IFF Secretary General John Liljelund.

The CFD has also in the meeting with IFF and the CFF agreed to stop all activities which are not in the best interest of the overall Floorball development in China.

In connection to the development of Chinese floorball, IFF is very happy to announce that it has signed an agreement with the Finnish Kisakallio Sport Institute, which has the export rights for educational services of the Finnish Ministry to set up an education system for Floorball Coach Instructors, in cooperation with the China Floorball Federation. The aim is to build a three level coach education system for Chinese PE teachers and to start school leagues in a number of cities in China.
- We are very proud that IFF has chosen the Finnish Kisakallio Sports Institute to be its Floorball education partner in China. I’m sure that our 70 years of experience and sport education knowhow give us a lot of opportunities to develop Chinese students´ and athletes’ skills and understanding about Floorball. It as an easy access sport that has a huge potential to be one of the biggest sports in China during the next five years. We are also very proud that we can start the first Kisakallio IFF certified education process for coaches in China even this autumn, says Harri Hollo, Kisakallio Marketing Director. 

- The IFF is looking forward to having the Kisakallio education system to be a real catalyst to Floorball development in China and we believe that it will bring a lot of new coaches, referees and among all new players for Floorball, Liljelund says.