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EFC 2017 Team Presentations - Men – 11.10.2017

Six teams will compete in the Women’s category of EuroFloorball Cup 2017. The EFC is played in Vidzemes Olimpiskais centrs Valmiera, Latvia on the 17th - 21st of October 2017

The EuroFloorball Cup is the championship tournament for the 5th and lower ranked European national club champions. The tournament is played with 6 teams for both men and women (12 teams in total).

The EFC Final round winners in both the Men´s and Women´s categories will each receive 5,000 CHF prize money.

More information about the tournament can be found on the IFF EFC 2017 web page.

Team Presentations


Group A



Earlier team Slevik IBK attended the EFC to qualify for the Champions Cup. This year they attend because they want to play against some good teams and is looking forward to try to win the EFC for the second time. They are known in Norway for playing offensive floorball and scoring a lot off goals.

Players to watch

Thomas Straete: A legend in Norwegian floorball. Voted as the best player in the Norwegian league for 4 times.
Johan Åhlberg: He has won everything in Norway last season: the league, the play-off, points, goals and player of the year.
William Andersson: "The lightning from Fagersta". A rookie for Slevik last year, Swedish SSl teams tried to sign him this summer, but luckily for the team Slevik, he decided to stay.

#24 T. Straete


#19 J. Åhlberg


#4 W. Andersson



The Russian team Nizhegorodets aim for the tournament is to reach the semi-finals.

Players to watch

Latukhin Alexandr: He is fast and strong forward.
Gorshenenko Vladimir: He is fast and experienced player, with good technique.
Eroshkin Alexei: A reliable goalkeeper with a lot of experience.

#11 A. Latukhin
#8 V. Gorshenenko
#39 A. Eroshkin



Floorball club Valmiera is the Latvian elite league team. Thanks to the sharp development in recent years, team has conquer the space between the top of the Latvian floorball teams. Floorball club Valmiera has a strong youth system with youth teams of all ages. FBK Valmiera was founded in 2003. They are quite young club with big plans for future. Aim for the EuroFloorball Cup 2017 is to win the tournament at home arena and qualify for the final round.

Players to watch

Martins Broks: Very fast, active and physical forward with goal scoring instinct.
Gatis Liepins: Strong, experienced defender with good shoot and game reading skills.
Lauris Alvis Stiprais: Young talented player with great individual skills.

#7 M. Broks
#23 G. Liepins

#13 L.A. Stiprais



Group B



Club with only 19 years long history, reached champions title for the first time. Their goal is to win this tournament.

Players to watch

Edzus Cerins: Captain and leader on and off the rink.
Kaspars Skels: Kaspars is a perfect shooter.
Juris Gribusts: Juris is a great playmaker.

#6 E. Cerins
#7 K. Skels
#30 J. Gribusts



Team EMU SK is a good combination from one side older and experienced players and on the other side younger and talented ones. Team is located at Tartu in Estonia, but has quite international members as players. Players are from Estonia, Latvia, Russia and Finland. Aim is to show good floorball and try to win the tournament.

Players to watch

Pavel Semenov: Skilful goal scorer.
Roman Druzhininskiy: Experienced and smart player.
Simon Georg Mahla: Young and talented player.

#77 P. Semenov
#79 R. Druzhininskiy
#13 S.G. Mahla



This Hungarian team is young, but experienced team with many titles from Hungary. They took the next step to be a regular participant of international events, such as EuroFloorball Cup. Hopefully they can make some surprises during the tournament as underdogs, and they will fight until their last breath for sure.

Players to watch

Janos Muller: An experienced player, who is the real playmaker in the team. He performs the best under pressure, especially in the clutch situations.
Jani Sandor: A veteran goalie, who´s been always there for the team since the beginning. His vision and presence helps the players a lot.
Gergely Kadar: A tough and fast defender, who is also good at building up attacks from the back.

#7 J. Muller
#44 J. Sandor
#11 G. Kadar


 All team and player information is provided by the teams themselves and only edited by IFF.