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MU19 WFC AOFC Qualifications - Final day – 20.09.2016

First out the last day of the Men´s U19 WFC 2017 AOFC Qualification was Iran vs New Zealand for third place in the event.
After initial problems to lead the game New Zealand bit by bit got the ball running and the first goal from behind the net at 7:23 helped them to speed up. Two more, quick, goals after half the period underlined who was in charge and the Iranians were pressed nearer and nearer the own net with just a few chances to counter-attack. However, no more goals were scored in the period.

Although Team New Zealand had almost total control of the ball it was an own goal from Iran that broke the ice in the second period. Two more goals were scored and the New Zealand lead was 6-0 after two periods.
In the 3rd period the Iranian team had not run out of spirit but of steam and New Zealand could score 5 more goals to a 11-0 victory giving them the third place in the qualification.

With both teams already qualified this match was all about honour and the right to title themselves as best in AOFC.
The first period saw an efficient Australia scoring three goals, all by Daniel Gartner, with a tight defence not letting Team Japan having any open chances. The impression was that the Aussies wanted more than the Japanese.

In the second period the Japanese tightened their defence and got up to a higher speed in their attacks. Still not so many good chances but at 31:34 Ryo Kaneshige opened the Aussie net with a shot from the side and a few minutes later their second goal was scored. The result after two periods was 3-2 for Australia.

Tight defence was completely forgotten in the third period. After giving and taking chances with the teams scoring two goals each Team Japan got a 2-minute penalty which Australia took the advantage of and scored 6-4 at 56:47. Team Japan gave an extra effort playing without goalie several times during the last three minutes but without success. Instead Tomas Gartner, twin brother to Daniel, could score a last minute goal to set the result to 7-4.


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