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MU19 WFC AOFC Qualifications - Day 2 – 19.09.2016

Iran and Australia played the first match of day 2.
Australia got the perfect start and scored already after 1:17. Team Iran was put under pressure and was forced to take a bench penalty which the Aussies took advantage of and increased the lead to 2-0 and during a delayed penalty also the 3rd goal was scored at half the period.
Iran managed to put an end to the scoring in this period and also produced a few chances but without success.
59 seconds into the 2nd period Australia scored their 4th goal and the uphill for Iran got steeper. Almost total ball possession from team Australia in this period and a frequent scoring up to 8-0 before it had ended.
Team Australia kept up the pressure throughout the complete 3rd period and scored another 7 goals to the final result 15-0.

Beforehand the match Japan-New Zealand was, based on the ranking, assumed to be decisive on which of the teams should qualify together with Australia.
New Zealand started the match very efficient scoring their first goal after 2.20 and their 2nd at 7:10, the only shots towards the Japanese net during this period.
This put a lot of pressure on the home team and the ecstatic crowd had a tough time until Japan could reduce to 1-2 after 13:17. No more goals were scored in the first period.

Team Japan came out as a completely different team in the second period and more or less outplayed New Zealand with speed turning the match to 6-2 after two periods. 
The first half of the third period was very intense and New Zealand had several chances to score and get into the match again. Instead it was Japan who could score on a rebound from the goalkeeper and that goal set the match. From this point the game turned quite sloppy, still with some chances to score at both ends, but no more goals were scored. The result 7-2 for Japan means that both Japan and Australia has qualified to the U19 WFC 2017 Final Round in Växjö, Sweden 3-7 May 2017.



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