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WFCQ AOFC - Korea & Japan join Australia in Gothenburg – 02.02.2014

It took right to the last game of the AOFC tournament to determine which countries would qualify for December´s WFC in Sweden. Korea´s 7-2 win over New Zealand means that they finish second in the group behind Australia, and third-placed Japan will also join them in the WFC final round.

Korea were the stronger of the two teams today, in regards of their ball possession and control of the game, but New Zealand didn´t let them have it all their own way, putting up a good fight, and giving the Koreans a bit of a scare late in the last period when they scored a few goals of their own. A highlight for the Kiwis was the first international goal for  captain Christian Bertschinger, who has had a big workload this week, both on the court as player and off the court as the head of the local organising committee.

Korea have shown great improvements over the last 2 years and are very pleased with their results at this event. New Zealand are also not unhappy with their performance. They would have liked to have got a win, but they feel they have competed well against much more experienced teams, and most pleasing is the enthusiasm of the hundreds of kids who have been either involved in the event as volunteers or spectators.

The future looks good for floorball in New Zealand.

Best Players:
New Zealand - Sven Sundin
Korea - Kwang In Kang


Australia v Singapore

After a blitz start which gave them a 6-0 lead after the first period, Australia took a convincing 11-1 victory over Singapore in their last match of the AOFC WFCQ. Singapore had few chances against the big and fast Aussies and were never able to play their own game.

It´s been clearly visible that the Australian team, under the leadership of new Head Coach Daniel Dornak, have been prepared very well for the tournament and their performance exceeded all expectations. The fact that their 11 goals today were scored by 9 different players emphasises that they have an efficient team with good depth. 

Singapore was forced to back down in the second period, playing very defensively, taking away the possibility for Australia to keep up their high scoring pace. Singapore found ways to open the Australian defence, but was never able to use their trademark fast and accurate passing, that has troubled other opponents this week. 

Australia finish the tournament undefeated and will head home full of confidence and enthusiasm as they prepare for the WFC in Gothenburg, Sweden in December. This result also assures Japan of a spot in the Final Round. Singapore still have an outside chance of qualifying for the WFC in Gothenburg, but it will rely on a big win from New Zealand over Korea.

Best Players:
Australia - Timothy Boteler
Singapore - Akmal Shaharudin


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Photo: Masanori Udagawa