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WFCQ AOFC - Singapore still in the race with Korea & Japan – 01.02.2014

The young Singaporean team has played at a higher level than was perhaps expected by their opponents and they showed again that they have some great potential, beating New Zealand 8-2.

The first period was very close, with New Zealand playing a smart defensive game. The only goal in the period came from Yusuf Zainudin, giving Singapore a 1-0 lead. The second period was a different story, with Singapore finding their way through the Kiwi defence to blow the score out to 6-0, with both Mazran Sutiman and Amshar Amin scoring doubles.

With nothing to lose, the New Zealanders decided that attack was their best form of defence and at the beginning of the last period, Daniel Jones got his first international goal, getting New Zealand´s scoring started. He was clearly very happy about scoring that first goal and was even happier when just one minute later he scored his second. With the score at 6-2, the crowd was hoping for a big comeback, but it wasn´t to be. Jared Goh, also scoring his first international goal, stopped the New Zealand comeback as quickly as it had begun, and another goal late in the match gave the final score of 8-2.

As we head towards the final day, New Zealand´s hopes for Gothenburg are gone, and Singapore´s depend on the results of tomorrow´s matches.

Best Players:
Singapore - Mazran Sutiman
New Zealand - Lewis Taiapa-Skinnon


Korea v Japan

Japan had the chance of securing their spot in the WFC Final Round today - all they had to do was beat Korea. Unfortunately, for them Korea were on their own ´Road to Gothenburg´ and they dominated the match from start to finish.

A 4-0 first period set up the win for Korea. Baek Hee Lee was the first to score and Jun Oh Lee followed up with their second within a minute. Japan were stunned. Two more goals and the Japanese defence were left just staring at each other trying to figure out what was happening.

The second period began as a much more even contest, but Japan were not able to find a way past Korean goalkeeper, Young June Lee who was saving everything coming his way - and there was plenty of it. Penalties started to become a problem for Japan, they gave away three in 5 minutes and Korea scored from two of them, stretching their lead out to 6-0, with Jun Oh Lee scoring his third for the match. Near the end of the period, Japan had a free-hit close to the Korean goal and, at last, Masahiko Ikawa was able to get his team on the board, and at the last break the score was 6-1.

The final period saw no improvement for Japan as Korea kept up the power and pace of their game, which was being assisted by more Japanese penalties. The final score of 10-1 is a good one for Korea - it is the first time that the men´s team have ever beaten Japan and is a pleasing reward for their dedicated development work. It also keeps their chances of a place in the WFC Final Round well and truly alive. Japan are still in a relatively good position to get one of the 3 qualifier spots from this group, but will have a nervous wait for rest of the match results.

Best Players:
Korea - Jun Oh Lee 
Japan -
Tomoaki Nakagawa


  Match Photos on Flickr

 Match Replay on YouTube

Photo: Masanori Udagawa