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WFCQ 2014 AOFC team presentations: JPN, SIN, AUS, KOR, NZL – 23.01.2014

Five teams will play in the Men´s World Floorball Championships Asia-Oceania Qualification group. Three teams will qualify to the WFC Final Round played in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Japan (ranked 13th), Singapore (15th) and Australia (17th) will have the best chances to top the standing and advance to the Final Round in December. But also Korea has proved that they can win against the higher ranked teams. New Zealand is participating for the first time in a major IFF Event.

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WFCQ 2014 Asia-OceaniaTeam presentations:

A lot of experienced good players have retired from the national team, so the Japanese team has changed a lot.
Players to watch:
Tomoaki Nakagawa: The team captain is in a great shape and wants to perform great. This would be his 7th time at a WFC.
Ichiro Ueda: The half Japanese - half Swedish forward has great fighting skills. His positive attitude will push him and the team at the same time.
Kenichi Ogaw: He is a very fast and skilful forward with excellent agility.

#19 T. Nakagawa

#8 I. Ueda

#9 K. Ogaw

Floorball in Singapore is growing fast, with lots of young and talented players. This year Singapore is proud to send a younger team of experience, game conditioned players. Their aim for WFCQ 2014 is to showcase Singapore´s best and improve their world ranking.
Players to watch:
Akmal Shaharudin: At the age of 18, he is one of the best centres in Singapore.
Amshar Bin Amin: The best forward with speed and agility, always hungry for a goal.
Kumaresa Pasupathy: He is a strong defender who dares to challenge anyone who tries to score.

#13 A. Shaharudin

#17 A. Bin Amin

#10 K. Pasupathy

The main objective at the WFCQ 2014 is to qualify for the WFC 2014 in Sweden. Australia is bringing a team with both senior experienced players who have already played at WFC and WFCQ a few times as well as young players with a great potential for the future.
Players to watch:
Carl Hammerlund: Currently one of the best Australian players. He is one of the leaders in the Australian national team with great skills and passion for floorball.
Jeremy Monckton: Young perspective player who also attended the U19 WFC in 2013. He is very fast and has great shooting skills.
Timothy Boteler: Young player with lots of talent and potential to grow. Great skills and one of the leaders in the Australian national team.

#21 C. Hammerlund

#5 J. Monckton

#32 T. Boteler

Korea´s goal is to go for the first place in this qualification with a team mixed of experienced and young players.
Players to watch
Young Jun Lee: One of the best goalkeepers in the whole Asia-Oceania Area .
Jong Suk Shin: He is the captain and leader of team. A very technical player and who is born to score goals.
Jun Oh Lee: Physically one of the strongest in the team with great scoring skills.

#1 Y. Jun Lee

#7 J. Suk Shin

#5 J. Oh Lee

New Zealand
Floorball in New Zealand is still in the early stages of development. The team has a good mix of young and more senior players that will provide exciting, fast-paced games. Their goal for the WFCQ 2014 tournament is to play competitive games and provide tough opposition for the more experienced countries.
Players to watch:
Christian Bertschinger: He is a quick defenseman with the most floorball experience. He plays a hard-nosed game and is not afraid to join the offensive attack.
Jonathan Cocker: He is an experienced defenseman with great creativity, a knack for producing turnovers and regularly producing quality shots on goal.
Lewis Taiapa: He is used to other hockey based sports and a creative forward that has the potential to be an offensive threat when he is on the court.

#19 C Bertschinger

#33 J. Cocker

#16 L. Taiapa

Qualification system

Starting from 2014, all teams, apart from the organiser, must qualify for the Final Round. In 2014, there will be six regional qualification events to determine the participants of the 10th Men´s WFC 2014. In each qualification group the teams play each other once.

In AOFC there is one qualification group and teams will qualify for the Men´s WFC 2014 according to the following:

i) The three best teams from this qualification group will qualify.

Other regional qualification events will be held in Americas & Europe:

Americas - Canada
EUR1 - Poland
EUR2 - Slovakia
EUR3 - Netherlands
EUR4 - Latvia