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France surprising winner of Group B – 05.02.2010

Before the tournament France was one of the lower ranked teams, but the Gallian team solved the group without losses and advanced to the qualification finals as a group winner.

The qualification finals in WFCQ Europe 1 will be 11:00 Denmark - Hungary and 14:00 France - Poland. The 5th place of the tournament will be decided between Belgium and Austria, as the battle for the 7th place will be between Serbia and Great Britain.        

A thrilling match secured the victory of group B for France

There was a lot at stake in a match between France and Austria. By winning the match with two goal difference Austria would have advanced to the qualification finals. This result would have dropped France out of the qualification finals.

The match was really even and the cat-mouse chase described the events. The pattern was so that Austria took the lead and France equalized. Five minutes before the end Joel Bale took 6-5 lead to Austria and only one goal separated the team from the qualification finals. The last goal was however scored by Raphael Schubenel of team France and therefore the match ended with a draw 6-6. The draw secured the 1st place of the group for the Gallian team.

In the other match in Babimost Hungary won Serbia 6-4 and earned the other place in the qualifying finals.

Big victories for Denmark and Poland in group A

In the match between Belgium and Denmark, Belgium gained a flash start by scoring only after 22 seconds and the goal was scored by Jonathan Chiau and that was very elegant individual performance. However Denmark got even after 6 minutes and after that the game was Danish ruling. After the first period Denmark was leading 5-1 and the match ended 17-3 for Denmark and with this winning team Denmark won the group A. Jesper Pettersen scored 4+3 for Denmark.

In the other match of group A, Poland won Great Britain 12-0 and secured the other place in the qualification finals.

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