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Foreword IFF President EFC Final round in Denmark – 09.10.2009

Distinguished guests and Floorball friends,

On behalf of the International Floorball Federation (IFF) I have the pleasure and honour to announce the EuroFloorball Cup finals 2009 in Frederikshavn in Denmark. This is the seventeenth edition organized.

In December on the 11th we got it! That is we received from the IOC recognition for Floorball! You should all be proud of this, because it is only due to hard work by all parties involved, and by the fact that Floorball is a growing sport of this millennium, attracting the youth and the internet generation that we got IOC Recognition. For our present, and still growing, 49 member associations, this is vital, we are now fully accepted and can take part in national and as well as international co-operation to the full extent. For many members this also means more financial support. We will now strive for entering a multisport event, like the Youth Olympic Games and or the FISU Universiade and or the World Games.

IFF has, in good co-operation with its member associations, changed the organization and the playing system of the EFC for the benefit of the clubs, amongst other things prolonged the tournament with one more day in order to play only one match a day, and made also internet streaming available, and we had a test last year in Winterthur. We have also ensured more TV coverage through Eurosport and other TV channels. But this is evidently not enough! We face for this edition the fact that all clubs do not take part. And this has been an issue now for a few years, and the IFF with its bodies is following this closely, I can assure you all. On the upcoming meeting in December in Västerås at the WFC for Women the Presidents and the secretary generals meet for the joint meeting, and the future of the EFC and also the requirements and under what circumstances is an IFF event like this EFC finals and the WFC organized, will be discussed thoroughly! We need to take swift and firm actions, regardless if this could be prize money too a larger extent, more TV coverage, a main sponsor, a title sponsor, better circumstances for the teams as well as the organizers, this would be including also how to a certain extent is the EFC organized. The IFF has given this task to the RACC to thoroughly investigate and come with proposals to the Central Board that will put this on the agenda in December in Västerås. And of course also the teams will be involved in this. Maybe this is the start of a new Floorball Champions League?

The Danish Floorball Union, in co-operation with, the city of Fredrikshamn, organizes the EFC. IFF is pleased with the DaFU as an organizer, and with top officials and good management, having already staged IFF events in Denmark, organized well with a friendly atmosphere. The IFF conveys many thanks to the Danish Floorball Union in cooperation with the city of Frederikshavn for organizing the EuroFloorball Cup finals 2009.


Looking forward to seeing you all and a thrilling tournament,


Yours sincerely,

Tomas Eriksson
IFF President