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MU19 WFCQ EUR1 Day 3 – 07.09.2018

Going in to the 3rd day of play Russia and Slovenia were undefeated hunted by Estonia and Spain with one loss each.

Slovenia took an early lead but the Belgians turned the match to a 2-1 -lead after the first period.
With four goals in less than 3 fantastic minutes Belgium increased their lead to be 6-1 at 23:02.
The Slovenians took a time-out and managed to recover from the shock scoring their second goal almost directly and in the end of the period another three goals in less than just over 3 minutes so the score was 6-5 to Belgium after two periods.
No goals were made in the first 10 minutes of the 3rd period but then it broke loose again. First Alex Egenhofer scored 7-5 but two quick goals by the Slovenians, Blaz Tomc and Lovro Oblak equalized the score to 7-7 at 52:22.
The Slovenians kept Thibault Franceus busy in the Belgian net, totally 44 saves, and with 4 seconds left of the match Maj Oman scored the winning goal for team Slovenia.

The awards to the best players went to Thibault Franceus, Belgium and Blaz Tomc, Slovenia.
In the second match Estonia took on Spain and the prerequisite for the match was that the winner would still have the chance to qualify to the final round in Halifax and the loser would be out of that contest.

Team Estonia took a firm grip from the start and dominated the match all the way through not really giving Spain any chance to get in to it. The Estonians scored evenly throughout the match to a final 7-0 victory meaning that they are still fighting for a spot in the final round.

Best player awards were given to Artur Okruzko, Estonia and Guillermo Penedo Barrera, Spain.

The first period of last match this day saw an inefficient Russia taking on France. Having control of the ball a lot but didn´t get the shots through to the French keeper too often but one shot, during a power play, went into the net.

The 2nd period was better from a Russian point-of-view. Vsevolod Ivanov scored two and assisted to one goal taking Russia to a 4-0 lead.

The scoring continued in the third period where Russia scored six goals. Mathis Botton scored a consolation goal for France and the match ended 10-1.

Best player awards were given to Aleksander Moshkin, Russia and Mathis Botton, France.

Tomorrow´s matches:

Spain - Belgium 12:00 (11:00 CET)
France - Estonia 15:00 (14:00 CET)
Slovenia - Russia 18:00 (17:00 CET)

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