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Nearly 70 000 floorball players in Finland – 04.09.2018

Floorball continues to grow in Finland and there are now close to 70 000 registered players.

Photo: Calle Ström/IFF

The Finnish Floorball Federation (FFF) published the best numbers so far, when the amount of registered players reached 69 080 in the end of season 2017-18.

The relative growth in a year has been 6%, which means 3916 individuals. In July 2017, the total amount of registered players was 65 164. Traditionally the peak in the number of registrations is measured in the end of July when it is the deadline to get a license.

The register maintained by FFF consists of players in the Finnish national series and of other registered players (street floorball, series organised by cities). By July 31, 2018, 61 368 players had registered for the national series which is nearly 1600 (2.7%) players more than in 2017.

Floorball is the fastest growing teamsport in Finland. The Finnish Floorball Federation has over 800 member clubs and during the official season, over 30 000 games are played by 300 different teams.

Source: Finnish Floorball Federation