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Men´s U19 WFCQ 2019 Team Presentations - EUR1 – 31.08.2018

Men´s U19 WFCQ 2019 EUR1 qualification group will play on the 5th - 9th of September 2018 at the Arena Sodruzhestvo, Moscow, Russia

A total of 26 teams registered for the 10th Men´s U19 World Floorball Championships, to be held in May 2019 in Halifax, ON, Canada. In the qualification events, New Zealand will be competing for the first time in this category and Russia will be returning after a long break, having not participated in Men´s U19 since 2011.

A total of 16 teams compete in the Final Round in two separate divisions. In A-division, there are 8 teams who are all directly qualified based on the results from U19 WFC 2017 . In B-division, there are also 8 teams - one (Poland) qualifies directly based on the 2017 results and two (Canada & USA) qualify directly based on regional representation. The remaining 5 places are decided through the qualification events.

Based on the IFF regional quota system three teams from Europe will qualify to B-division. 12 European teams are split into two groups and every team plays each other once within their group. The top team from each group will qualify to the Final Round, as well as the best overall 2nd placed team.

6 Teams competing in EUR1 qualification group are Estonia, Slovenia, Spain, France Belgium and Russia.

More information about the U19 WFCQ EUR1 available here

Team Presentations - EUR1



Team Estonia´s aim is to win all the games and to qualify to the World Championships in Canada.

Players to watch

Stenver Savi: Playmaker of the team.

Remu Samuli Keltanen: He is a very technical player.

Artur Okruzko: A very good shooting player.

#29 Savi S.

#10 Keltanen R.

#78 Okruzko A.


Team Slovenia is a combination of few experienced players who played this year also on Men´s Qualifications in Nitra and some younger players for whom this tournament will be their first international event. They will try to win this qualification group and qualify to Men´s U19 WFC in Canada. 

Players to watch

Luka Peklaj: Player with great individual skills and good technique.

Lovro Oblak: Captain of the team and most complete player in the team.

Blaz Tomc: Player with great shot and feeling for scoring.

#17 Peklaj L.

#21 Oblak L.

#31 Tomc B.




The Spanish U19 team has a combination of some experienced players with young players, all of them full of energy and motivation. They are going to give their best to get a place for the WFC 2019.

Players to watch

Daniel Guzman Vicente: A very complete player with good technical skills, and constant fighting attitude.

Marcus Juarez Dorado: He brings calm and order to the team, he is very good at reading the game.

Mario Caballero Santiago: A very fast player that never gives a single ball lost.

#74 Guzman Vicente D.

#90 Juarez Dorado M.

#34 Caballero Santiago M.



After their first experience from 2 years ago, the team France is in Russia to show their progress. Most of the team is new and all the players are very motivated. 

Players to watch

Tim Matencio: Tim is the team captain and the only player who played two years ago. He is a very fast defender with an excellent shot.

Thibault Le Goff: Thibault is a goalkeeper with a very good technique. He also possesses an excellent state of mind which makes him their assistant captain.

Mehdi Mazalrey: Mehdi is a strong defender with a very good vision and awareness. Always relaxed, he has an excellent state of mind.

#17 Matencio T.

#1 Le Goff T.

#2 Mazalrey M.



Team Belgium will approach the WFCQ match by match to gain experience and to continue to develop as a team. The team hopes they can surprise their opponents and inspire new generations.

Players to watch

Daan De Leersnyder: Daan is the captain of the team. He is a solid defender with a good stamina and excellent technical skills.

Nino De Kerpel: Nino is a defender who combines his passing and ball handling skills with a good understanding of the game.

Marius Jacqz: Marius is a player with a great endurance. He is a real team player and adapts easily to the different playing systems.

#10 De Leersnyder D.

#12 De Kerpel N.

#9 Jacqz M.




Updated team, talented young players and young coach with great ambition, as a step to comeback to the Floorball elite. Their main goal is to participate in the final round in may 7-12 in Halifax, Canada.

Players to watch

Aleksander Moshkin: He is the leader of the Russian national team. Each effective attack does not happen without his participation. He quickly begins the attack of his team and he very often scores goals from a long distance powerful clicks.

Nikita Belyanin: He is the main attacker in the Russian national team. His non-standard thinking on the field is always striking with speed and focus on the opponents´ gate.

Jenis Kamenov: Zhenis differs in that he always goes on the attack to the end and never leaves the court without a goal scored. Despite his young age, he has long been wiping his nose on the site of adult players.

#9 Moshkin A.

#20 Belyanin N.

#77 Kamenov J.