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Men´s U19 WFCQ 2019 Team Presentations - EUR2 – 23.08.2018

Men´s U19 WFCQ 2019 EUR2 qualification group will compete in PalaResia Bolzano, Italy on the 29th of August - 2nd of September 2018.


A total of 26 teams registered for the 10th Men´s U19 World Floorball Championships, to be held in May 2019 in Halifax, ON, Canada. In the qualification events, New Zealand will be competing for the first time in this category and Russia will be returning after a long break, having not participated in Men´s U19 since 2011.

A total of 16 teams compete in the Final Round in two separate divisions. In A-division, there are 8 teams who are all directly qualified based on the results from U19 WFC 2017 . In B-division, there are also 8 teams - one (Poland) qualifies directly based on the 2017 results and two (Canada & USA) qualify directly based on regional representation. The remaining 5 places are decided through the qualification events.

Based on the IFF regional quota system three teams from Europe will qualify to B-division. 12 European teams are split into two groups and every team plays each other once within their group. The top team from each group will qualify to the Final Round, as well as the best overall 2nd placed team.

6 Teams competing in EUR2 qualification group are Germany, Hungary, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy and Great Britain.

More information about the U19 WFCQ EUR2 available here


Team Presentations - EUR2


The  young and skilled team wants to take the next step: qualification to the WFC 2019 in Halifax.

Players to watch

Nils Hofferbert: He is a playmaking center with a great shot. He was All Star of U19 WFC 2017

Gustav Peters: A very fast defender with a brilliant shot and great defensive skills as well.

Magnus-Ernst Scholtz: Crashed the net - very dangerous. He is playing in the first division and has a lot of experience.

#16 Hofferbert N.

#68 Peters G.

#70 Scholz M-E.



A really young roster considered to others, but with full of potential. The generation changed a lot since the precious event in this category, however it gave the team a new look. They prefer a fast and physical gameplay. Their goal is to qualify for the U19 WFC and show what they are capable of in Canada next year.

Players to watch

Tamas Tenyi: All-round player, who scores a lot. He´s reached 89 goals last season in several championships.

Mihaly Dragolovics: Outstanding goalie, who has such an experience. He already made his name among the adults in the first league.

Peter Andrusko: One of the greatest talents in Hungary. He´s really good at shooting, even from the distance.

#19 Tenyi T.

#99 Dragolovics M.

#7 Andrusko P.

Austria has a very balanced team. Half of the team has already participated in a U19 WFCQ. The tam is built on experienced players and skilled newcomers all of them playing either in the highest men league in Austria or in well known clubs abroad. The aim of the Team Austria is to play  a decisive role for the qualifications spots. There are no stars in the team but the star is the team itself.

Players to watch

Alexander Hanschur: Alexander is an excellent defensive player and the captain of the team.

Philipp Horn: Philipp is a two way player with excellent skills.

Tobias Schrottenbacher: Tobias is a very skilled defensive player with a great view of the game.

#24 Hanschur A.

#25 Horn P.

#27 Schrottenbacher T.



The Netherlands comes to Italy with the aim to better their position on the IFF ranking again, which hopefully will be good enough to qualify for the U19 WFC in Halifax. The team has been training hard and is in good shape, the lines are all equal in quality which makes them dangerous during the whole 60 minutes. They can do it!

Players to watch

Nils Groen: This young guy plays his second WFCQ and is only 16 years old, one of the teams most experienced players. His technical skills has developed even more now and his drag-shot is hard to handle for the defense and goalie.

Bart van de Kraats: Bart is a born defender, always in the right position, always taking the right decisions, always backing up the rest of this line, always giving everything. A team-player to keep your eyes on.

Nino Wolters: Nino is a player who combines his technical kills with an outstanding view over the game. He reads the opponents and guides his line from his center position to get the best out of it. Floorball seems so easy when watching Nino.

#48 Groen N.

#8 van de Kraats B.

#43 Wolters N.



This team counts young players at their first international experience and some more experienced players who trained together very hard in order to reach a better level of play and become a solid foundation for Italian Floorball.

Players to watch

Lorenzo Spallacci: Experienced forward with good technique and strong willpower.

Tommaso Rubeo: Promising forward, swift and sharp.

Vincent Manzardo: Solid defender with good tactical skills and great character.

#10 Spallacci L.

#17 RubeoT.

#15 Manzardo V.



With a more experienced and older squad than what they brought to the last WFCQ tournament in 2016, Great Britain Floorball will be expecting a much improved set of results. Teams first aim is to be competitive in all of their matches and the second goal is to translate that competitiveness into some positive results.

Players to watch

Lewis Hubbard: A veteran of the 2016 U19 WFCQ tournament, Lewis has had a very productive year playing in the UKFF Midlands League, where he finished as the top goal-scorer in the league. A speedy winger with a good shot, the team will be looking to his as a main goal-scoring threat.

William Palmer: The team captain and gifted playmaker. Will dominated the UKFF junior leagues for several seasons. He has now stepped up to the UKFF Midlands League which he led in total points and assists in 2017-18.

Connor Swales: Bringing valuable experience of high-level competition in Switzerland, Connor reads the game very well and combines good vision with strong technical ability at both ends of the rink.

#19 Hubbard L.

#17 Palmer W.

#18 Swales C.