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Top transfers of the week are Rajeckis, Troskova, Jääskeläinen – 02.08.2018

The top transfers of the week are Janis Rajeckis, Jana Troskova and Asser Jääskeläinen.

Janis Rajeckis is returning to FK Lekrings in Latvia after playing three seasons in Switzerland. The 26-year-old defender has been part of the Latvian Men´s national team for the past four WFCs and also has experience in the U19 team.

Janis Rajeckis* (LAT) Defender - Transferring to FK Lekrings (LAT) from Kloten-Dietlikon Jets (SUI)
International success:
WFC: 2016, 2014, 2012, 2010
WFCQ: 2018, 2014
U19 WFC: 2011
Champions Cup: 2014
EuroFloorball Cup: 2013, 2009
International Tournaments: 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
U19 International Tournaments: 2010

Jana Troskova has been part of the Slovakian women´s national team for the past three WFCs including the tournament in Bratislava in front of the home crowd where Slovakia came 5th. As many top Slovakian national team players have done, Troskova is transferring to Czech Republic where she will join the reigning champs 1. SC Vitkovice.

Jana Troskova* (SVK) Forward - Transferring to 1. SC Vitkovice (CZE) from SK 98 Pruske (SVK)
International success:
WFC: 2017, 2015, 2013
WFCQ: 2015
U19 WFC: 2014, 2012
EuroFloorball Cup: 2017, 2013, 2012
Polish Cup: 2014
6 Nations Floorball Cup: 2017
International Tournaments: 2017, 2013

The Classic floorball academy in Singapore might have something to do with this interesting transfer. Finnish player Asser Jääskeläinen is transferring from the reigning Finnish champions Classic to a Singaporean team Nhac Tre No. 1.

  Asser Jääskeläinen* (FIN) Defender - Transferring to Nhac Tre No. 1 (SGP) from Classic (FIN)
International success:
U19 WFC: 2007
Champions Cup: 2017, 2016, 2013
Euro Floorball Cup: 2007-2008
EuroFloorball Tour: 2015, 2013, 2012
International Tournaments: 2013
Finland-Sweden Challenge: 2013, 2006

Other transfers

Max Blanke* (GER) Forward - Transferring to Iron Marmots Davos Klosters (SUI) from UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels (GER)
International success:
U19WFC: 2013
Champions Cup: 2017
Euro Floorball Cup: 2016, 2012
U19 International Tournaments: 2012

Fanny Holmberg (FIN) Forward - Transferring to Porvoon Salibandyseura (FIN) from Unihockey Berner Oberland (SUI)
International success:
U19WFC: 2016
EuroFloorball Tour: 2016, 2015, 2014,
Finland-Sweden Challenge: 2016, 2015,

  Eduards Sture* (LAT) Forward - Transferring to Ulbroka (LAT) from Århus Floorball Klub TST (DEN)
International success:
U19 WFC: 2015
U19 International Tournaments: 2015

Linda Törnqvist (FIN) Forward - Transferring to Porvoon Salibandyseura (FIN) from Unihockey Berner Oberland (SUI)
International success:
WUFC: 2018

  Kaisa Kantokorpi* (FIN) - Transferring to SB Vantaa (FIN) from Unihockey Basel Regio (SUI)
International success:
EuroFloorball Tour: 2008

* Transfer not completed