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Floorball Development Seminar in Ukraine – 28.05.2018

A Floorball Development Seminar took place in Kiev in Ukraine from the 18th to 20th of May. The seminar had two blocks, coaching and refereeing.

The seminar was meant for more advanced participants who already have experience from coaching, playing and refereeing. The coaching course was level 1 advanced and the refereeing was level  2. There were 38 participants altogether, 22 for coaching and 16 for refereeing. Mr. Jürg Kihm was in charge of the coaching education and Mr. Veli Halonen in charge of the referee course.

Participants came from Belarus, Israel and Ukraine. A delegation from Iran was also registered, but unfortunately due to visa issues, they were not eventually able to participate. The coaching section concentrated more to tactical issues and also to the players’ roles in the field of play.

The topics in the referee block were mainly related to the game management and of course to the new rules and the interpretations of the new rules of the game, which will become valid from the 1st of July 2018 on.

The concept of having every once and a while the seminar for more advanced participants is actually very interesting and gives also to us educators slight different view to the seminars, says the IFF Operations Coordinator Mr. Veli Halonen.

Not only did we talk about coaching and refereeing, but also handled a bit broader topics, such as the organizational issues and also about the co-operation within the national association between the clubs and also about the co-operation between the national associations mainly related to the Each One – Teach One project, he concludes.

The planning of the seminar started already last year and since there was enough time for the planning the program of the seminar was serving the participants very well.

For us this was a very nice continuum for the good governance seminars, which we already ran in co-operation with the IFF in autumn 2016 and also in autumn 2017 with the Finnish Floorball Federation and the IFF, says Mr. Tamuz Hidir, the President of the Ukrainian Floorball Federation

- For us it has also been very important to co-operate with the national associations in our neighboring countries and also with those countries in the region, where they don’t yet have national Floorball associations, he continues.

More information from the Floorball Development program can be asked from the IFF office from Mr. Veli Halonen; halonen(at)floorball.org.