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FC Milano and Floorball L´Aquila Italian Champions 2018! – 06.06.2018

The Italian floorball season has come to an end and FC Milano were triumphant in the Men’s and Floorball L´Aquila in the Women’s.

Men´s Champions
The final was played in L´Aquila on the 5th of May between the reigning champions Floorball L´Aquila and the outsider FC Milano Molotov, a team that reached the semi-finals for the first time this year.
Floorball L´Aquila was the favourite considering that this was their fifth consecutive final and that they have won three times. FC Milano reached the final after having beaten Viking Roma with a golden goal in the decisive match.

The match was very tight, but the local team took the lead at the end of the first period and then increased the lead again in the beginning of the third period. With 5 minutes left, the score was still 2-0 and FC Milano pulled out the goalkeeper. With the extra player they managed to score with 4 minutes to play. Still without goalkeeper they also found the equalizer 2 minutes before the end. The match continued after the ordinary 60 minutes and after 7 minutes of extra time FC Milano Molotov scored the decisive goal which brought the "scudetto" to the Lombardia region for the first time ever.

Women’s Champions
In the Women´s league the teams don´t have play-offs, but the winner is decided after seven tournaments according to rankings. Also the matches are played three against three.
Five teams battled for the title this season, and Floorball L´Aquila were the strongest. They came first with 21 points. Two points behind them were FC Milano Bombshells who were the favourites, but lost the title due to a draw on the first tournament. Viking Roma came third with 13 points. The last tournament was played 26th-27th of May.

Other Championships
Small field league: Wild Boars Varese
Junior Championship: Viking Roma
Senior Italian Cup: Wild Boars Varese
Junior Italian Cup: Viking Roma

More information available at: www.fiuf.it
Source and pictures: Italian Unihockey and Floorball Association