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Vitkovice and Boleslav Czech Champions 2018! – 23.04.2018

The Czech Superfinals were played on Ostravar Arena in Ostrava on Saturday 21st of April. Vitkovice and Boleslav became the Champions and got their invitation to the Champions Cup 2019 in Gävle in January.

Vitkovice regain the title after a one-season break

Vitkovice and Chodov gave the over 6700 pectators an even thriller. Both goalkeepers were determined to keep their nets clean, but with few minutes left of the first period Vitkovice took the lead. At the start of the second period Chodov gave a reason for their fans to be even louder as they evened the score. However, Vitkovice once again took the lead with a low powerful shot. In the third period the battle continued, and many scoring chances were seen. It was Chodov who used their chance and evened the score. The match went into overtime. Hana Konickova became the hero of Vitkovice as she scored the winning goal and started the celebrations of Vitkovice’s fourth Women’s title.

Boleslav win their historic first championship title

The crowd had to wait for the first goals in the Women’s Superfinal, but in the Men’s Superfinal Boleslav and Vitkovice were efficient from the start. In the first period both teams found the net a couple of times, but it was Vitkovice who were in a 3-2 lead after 20 minutes. Things calmed down a bit during the second period and only one goal was seen as Boleslav evened the score. The third period offered a lot of entertainment. Boleslav were already in a 5-3 lead with less than two minutes left on the clock. However, it was Vitkovice’s #20 Martin Tokos who scored first on powerplay and then his third goal of the match evening the score with only 46 seconds to go. On overtime, almost 8200 spectators witnessed as Boleslav’s #71 Milan Tomasik scored the golden goal and the crowd went wild. Boleslav became the Champions for the first time.

Source: ceskyflorbal.cz
Photos: Cesky Florbal Flickr / Martin Flousek