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Czech Finalists 2018 – 17.04.2018

The Czech Superfinals will be played this Saturday on Ostravar Arena in Ostrava, Czech Republic. In the Men´s Boleslav will play against Vitkovice and in the Women´s Vitkovice will face Chodov. The same teams met already in the Czech Cup Finals in January and Vitkovice were victorious in both Men´s And Women´s.

Regular season winner Boleslav faced Sparta, who came fifth in the regular season, in the semi-finals. Though Boleslav defeated Sparta four times in a row, especially the two last matches were even. The reigning champions Chodov battled Vitkovice for the last place in the Superfinal. All matches except one were won by one goal and two went into overtime and one even to a penalty shootout. Vitkovice were able to gain four victories within five matches and made their way to the final.
Boleslav have never won the title. Last season they lost the Superfinal to Chodov 1-3 and had to settle for silver. Vitkovice have won the title six time in the men’s. Last time was in season 2013-14. 

Regular season results:
Boleslav – Vitkovice 3-10
Vitkovice – Boleslav 6-5 (on penalty shots)

The Men’s Superfinal will be played 17:00

The top four of the regular season battled for places in the Women’s Superfinal. Regular season winners Vitkovice beat Ostrava four times in a row with a goal difference +10. The reigning champions FK Jižní Město faced Chodov who came third in the regular season. Chodov gained four victories within five matches, though the matches were even battles.
Vitkovice have raised the cup three times in their history. The last time was in season 2015-16. Chodov have won the title once in 2014-15.

Regular season results:
Vitkovice – Chodov 4-0
Chodov – Vitkovice 7-3

The Women’s Superfinal will be played 14:00

Source: Cesky Florbal
Photos: Cesky Florbal Flickr / Martin Flousek