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Women´s U19 WFC 2018 Team Presentations: B-Division, Group C – 18.04.2018

A total of 18 teams registered for the 8th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships.

This is the most ever registrations for this event and was the first time that a qualification had to be held for this event.

Australia, Italy, The Netherlands & New Zealand all registered for the first time in the Women´s U19s.

The Final Round will be played in St. Gallen and Herisau, Switzerland, and is made of up 8 teams in A-division & 8 teams in B-division. All A-division teams, as well as six B-division teams were directly qualified, based on results from the Women´s U19 WFC 2016 and regional quotas. The remaining 2 spots in the B-division were determined via a qualification event in Europe, between Austria, The Netherlands, Italy & Russia.

Official event website: http://www.wfc2018.ch/en/


B-Division Team Presentations:


Group C



Positively charged team with endless propensity to develop its game and show good performance. Goal is to win B-Division tournament and get the promotion to A-Division.

Players to watch

Anna Ankudinova: Quick and creative forward with wide range of technical skills.
Laura Gaugere: Power forward with great fighting spirit and goal scorer´s instinct.
Elizabete Pavlovska: Defender who likes to improvise and has ability to make the right decisions in non standard situations.

#95 A. Ankudinova

#55 L. Gaugere

#23 E. Pavlovska



Team USA is a blend of highly skilled stick-handling and athletic abilities. They have a hard time to train together as the funding for what they do is minimal. They will play as a team and do their best for the flag they love. They are aiming for a spot in the semi-finals.

Players to watch

Alva Helber: Alva has a background playing for the Women´s National team. With her speed, she opens up space and opportunities for the other girls.
Sophia Leuma: Sophia is a force with great leadership. She is a very talented home grown player that performs excellent on court.
Anna Van Hercke: Coming from a hockey background, Anna has developed tremendously under the leadership of Goalie Coach Aake Kettunen.

#3 A. Helber

#19 S. Leuma

#1 A. Van Hercke



Team Austria has a young squad with international experience. The team proved that the defense was their great strength in the qualifying tournament in Linz. And now it is ready to show the world how they play offense. The team aim to qualify for playoffs and then everything can happen.

Players to watch

Rebecca Kuzel: A player with great wrists and a high understanding of the game.
Victoria Weitgasser: She is a great goalkeeper and could even be the best goalkeeper in the B-division. She has won many club championships and now it is time for a international title.
Alina Hinum: She is the team engine in the third line. She has stepped up lately and could surprise everyone.

#2 R. Kuzel

#26 V. Weitgasser

#16 A. Hinum



Team Australia is the first to represent Australia at the Under 19´s Women´s World Championship. Having only been together for 4 months, they have developed well as a team. Their aims for this World Championship is to be competitive, play together as a team, gain international experience, establish their under 19´s Floorball program an enjoy what Floorball can bring. They have 2 goals which is to play good, solid Floorball and show the future of Australian Women´s Floorball.

Players to watch

Teyjah Abell: Defender. Teyjah has a good strong shot from anywhere on the court, takes control of the play and is versatile to play any position on the court.
Astrid Bennet: Defender. Astrid can shot from anywhere and is one of the main communicators on the court.
Cara Horn: Goalkeeper. Youngest player on the team, with the highest pressure position.

#7 T. Abell

#21 A. Bennett

#33 C. Horn


All team and player information is provided by the teams themselves and only edited by IFF