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Women´s U19 WFC 2018 Team Presentations: B-Division, Group D – 17.04.2018

A total of 18 teams registered for the 8th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships.

This is the most ever registrations for this event and was the first time that a qualification had to be held for this event.

Australia, Italy, The Netherlands & New Zealand all registered for the first time in the Women´s U19s.

The Final Round will be played in St. Gallen and Herisau, Switzerland, and is made of up 8 teams in A-division & 8 teams in B-division. All A-division teams, as well as six B-division teams were directly qualified, based on results from the Women´s U19 WFC 2016 and regional quotas. The remaining 2 spots in the B-division were determined via a qualification event in Europe, between Austria, The Netherlands, Italy & Russia.

Official event website: http://www.wfc2018.ch/en/


B-Division Team Presentations:


Group D



This Canadian team has been in the planning since the summer of 2016 following a heartbreaking loss to Germany in the B-Division Gold Metal Match. These 20 players will make this one of the best possible team Canada has ever assembled. Their goal is to build on their strong showing in the last three WFC´s, with the target of winning Group B and promotion to Group A in 2020.

Players to watch

Aislyn Stretch: A strong, physical player who also has excellent skill in the attacking zone. Looking to build on a strong WFC showing in 2016.
Kaitlyn Fung: Fast and gifted with the ball. She finds scoring opportunities where few should exist. A key part of Canada´s U19 team in 2016.
Jasmine Baxter
: A new player but a quick learner. A strong, physical force on and off the ball. Her speed and size are weapons she hopes to use to exploit opponents.

#2 A. Stretch

#19 K. Fung

#4 J. Baxter



After a one and half year preparation with lots of practise and friendly games the Hungarion national teams goal is to get into the B Division final. The players are talented, prepared and enthusiastic. A very good end result would not be a surprise.

Players to watch

Blanka Benyo: She is one of the most helpful players in the offense and even in defense. Her motivation and determination helps a lot on and off of the court.
Orsolya Stipsicz: One of the youngest players, yet the most skilful and strongest defender of the team, who plays great in offence as well.
Anna Racz: Young and talented goalie who can decide matches with her great saves.

#15 B. Benyo

#8 O. Stipsicz

#23 A. Racz



New generation of players who already claim to place in the main women team. Bright forwards, good defenders, fast goalkeepers. These players know how to win.

Players to watch

Anna Korotaeva: Team captain and defender. Fast player, who likes to start an attack. One of the leaders of the team on the floor.
Tatiana Kozlova: One of the best young Russian defenders. Fast, clever and well trained player. Really good in defense and in attack.
Irina Karpacheva: Left forward. One of the best scorers in Russian junior championship. At the game takes non-standard solutions.

#7 A. Korotaeva

#18 T. Kozlova

#17 I. Karpacheva


New Zealand

Team New Zealand is a young squad and this is the first time that a New Zealand team is playing at this level. They are looking forward to experience the northern hemisphere style of Floorball and are working hard and setting their goals high. It promises to be a highlight for each and every player. They look forward to the challenge.

Players to watch

Marie Sundin: A skilled defender with great ball control who brings stability to the team with her hard work and determination.
Camryn Johnson: She is an up and coming player with good ball carrying qualities. She can be dangerous in front of the goal and doesn´t stop running.
Rachel Bertschinger: An important part of the team on and off the court. Her calm manner and clear guidance of the defense together with good reflexes make her a strong goalie.

#2 M. Sundin

#11 C. Johnson

#77 R. Bertschinger


All team and player information is provided by the teams themselves and only edited by IFF