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Semi-finals 2018 in Finland – 04.04.2018

The semi-final pairs are set in both Men’s and Women’s Finnish top league, Salibandyliiga. Men’s semis have already begun, and Women’s will begin this week.

In the Men’s Salibandyliiga, Classic continued their winning streak as they defeated Oilers four times in a row and were the first to secure a spot in the semi-finals. Happee claimed their place in the semis as they defeated their regular quarterfinal pair TPS four times in five heated matches. Nokian KrP, who came second in the regular season, also needed only five matches to make their way to the next round as they knocked out SPV.  Perhaps the most interesting quarterfinal pair was EräViikingit – Indians. The decisive 7th match was eventful and young Indians won on overtime and sent last season’s silver medallist to summer holidays.

Semi-final pairs:
Classic – Indians
Nokian KrP – Happee

Classic and Indians have already played the first semi-final match which resulted to Classic’s victory. Nokian KrP and Happee will battle for the first time today. Semi-finals will be played with a best of seven system.

Classic were the first to secure their spot in the semis also in the Women’s Salibandyliiga. They beat NST three times in a row and had an impressive +29 goal difference. SB Pro followed Classic’s footsteps with three clear victories as they rather easily defeated TPS. PSS also survived quarterfinals without losses, though two out of their three matches against SSRA went to overtime. The fourth placed EräViikingit and fifth placed Koovee battled for the last place in the semis. A careless pass during overtime cost Koovee their victory and EräViikingit celebrated a place in the semis after four matches and three victories.

Semi-final pairs:
Classic – EräViikingit
SB Pro – PSS

Both pairs will begin their battle for a place in the Superfinal on Saturday 7th of April. The semi-finals, like quarterfinals, will be played with a best of five system.  

Source: salibandy.fi
Photos: Salibandyliiga Flickr