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Men´s WFCQ EUR1 - Day 2 – 01.02.2018

In the second day of the EUR1 qualification the pre-event favourites won their matches keeping them in the race for a spot in the final round.

Poland-Belgium 9-2
The match begun with the ball moving from one team to another with Belgium taking the lead twice, but in the end of the first period Poland started to improve their play in every aspect, being more active and taking a lot of more control of the ball and managed to turn the match in own favor.
Belgium was really hunting for their third goal throughout the match, but failed to do so, as the Polish defence remained disciplined and goal scoring being successful. Poland really excelled in power play outnumbering the opponent three times.

MVPs of the match
Poland: #15 Mateusz Antoniak
Belgium: #15 Lucas Balcinhas Godinho

Liechtenstein-Finland 24-0

Despite the big goal difference Liechtenstein fought well in the defence. 74 brilliant saves by Liechtenstein’s young goalkeeper made him the man of the match. Finland chose to let their most experienced players rest for the second half of the game which gave the young players opportunity to show their strengths. One of Finland’s debutants in this tournament – Atte Eronen scored three goals and was selected best player of team Finland.

MVPs of the match
Liechtenstein: #99 Lukas Good
Finland: #72 Atte Eronen

Netherlands-Estonia 3-9

Estonia had a good start to the game and scored the first goal already after 33 seconds and managed to keep a good scoring habit till the end of the second period. Netherlands didn’t get their game going, but kept their spirit all through the match and scored two goals in the third period, winning the last period with 2-1. The final score was 3-9 to Estonia. 

MVPs of the match
Netherlands: # 6 Niek Hovius
Estonia: # 66 Andreas Wöiduma

Match replays are available on IFF YouTube Channel 2 and photos on IFF Flickr.
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