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Finnish Club Classic opening a floorball academy to Asia – 16.11.2017

Classic Family is reaching for worldwide operations. The Finnish top club is growing its operative area and aims for an international position as one of the leading clubs spreading and developing the game of floorball around the world.

Classic Floorball Academy opening to Asia
The first ever Finnish Floorball League -game played outside Finland, brings the current Finnish champion Classic and its rival TPS to Singapore on the 18th of November. At the same time Classic is happy to announce the launch of Classic Floorball Academy (CFA), a concept that brings know-how from the top of the sport to Asia. CFA´s aim is to raise the awareness of the sport by teaching floorball to kids and teachers in elementary schools.

The academy will also arrange world class floorball camps and coaching courses for the interested organisations. As an enthusiastic and growing floorball community Singapore is a natural place to start operations in Asia.

Classic players running a floorball practice at Singapore for local children in connection to the upcoming Classic - TPS league match. Photo: Classic Facebook

International cooperation is the way to grow
"I have always thought that our Classic Family is something more than just sports. It´s more about the strong sense of community and the possibilities that it has to offer to increase each other´s happiness in everyday life", says Classic´s Executive Director Mr. Pasi Peltola. "To make this possible it is necessary to think about economics, therefore we see this also as a great opportunity for our partners to build their network and market globally."

Classic Floorball Academy is targeted for Finnish and international organisations. For further details or cooperation enquiry´s please contact Classic Family´s Mrs. Irina Peltola or Mr. Matias Ramstedt.

Head of CFA
Mrs. Irina Peltola
Tel. +358 400 927 633
E-mail irina.peltola@scclassic.com

Mr. Matias Ramstedt
E-mail matias.ramstedt@scclassic.com