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EFC 2017: Gdansk and Pruske take their first wins – 18.10.2017

In the morning match the Polish Gdansk faced the Spanish CDE El Valle who lost their match yesterday against Rubene. It could be seen that this was the first game of the tournament for Gdansk as they had trouble with the quality of their passes and shots. However, they were stronger in the one on ones, though Valle were once again quick on their feet. In the end, Gdansk found their rhythm and won the match 5-1.

Gdansk were forechecking low during the first period. Both teams had scoring chances, but Gdansk were clearly ahead. The powerplay they got at the end of the period didn’t go as planned as the passes were bouncy and Valle even got a few counter attacks. After 20 minutes the score was 0-0.

Valle got their chance at a powerplay as Gdansk were late for the start of the second period. Soon Valle were celebrating their first goal as #6 Paula Arenal Beltran put the ball to the net. It didn’t take long for Gdansk to get a second chance at a powerplay, but they let their drumming fans wait for their opening goal. Halfway of the match, Gdansk evened the score as #15 Anna Raczkowska shot the bouncy ball to the top corner of the net from in front of the goal. 

Gdansk had a lightning start to the first period as they scored two goals within 17 seconds. At 48:35 #28 Malwina Zagorska scored her second goal of the match via penalty shot and increased Gdansk’s lead to 4-1. Valle increased their pressure and played full court, but unfortunately for them this didn’t evolve to any goals. Gdansk started their EFC with a 5-1 victory.

Best players:
Gdansk #28 Zagorska Malwina
CDE El Valle #6 Arenal Beltran Paula

Slovakian Pruske suffered a devastating loss yesterday when they played against Nauka. This time they were facing the Latvian FK Kekava who were playing their first EFC match. From the start, Pruske had more ball control as Kekava’s tactic was rather focused on defence and counter attacks. The tactic seemed to be working as the score board was even throughout the match, though it should be mentioned that Pruske was wasting their best scoring chances. The eventful match ended in a penalty shootout which was won by Pruske 3-2.

Whenever Pruske got control of the ball, Kekava retreated right away to their own defensive zone and organised the defence. Seemed as if their tactic was to relay on counter attacks. Pruske were controlling cthe ball and their first goal was seen at halfway of the period as #3 Andrea Sidlova scored from rebound. Kekava’s #11 Ieva Busmane evened the score via penalty shot.

In the start of the second period, Pruske took the lead once again. A rebound from a free hit was put in by #9 Michaela Zikavska. Not much longer, Pruske got a chance to score on powerplay. However, this turned out to be beneficial for Kekava as their goalkeeper reacted quickly after a shot and threw a long pass to #35 Eliza Elizabete Berzina who passed the ball to Busmane who scored a beautiful shorthanded goal.

In the third period Kekava got a 5-minute powerplay. They weren’t able to use it to their benefit and Pruske created dangerous shorthanded counter attacks. The third period was eventful as both teams suffered several penalties. After 60 minutes the match was still even and it was time for a penalty shootout.

The penalty shootout went to sudden death as both teams kept missing the net. In the end it was Pruske’s #4 Ivana Hrehusova who stepped up and secured her team a 3-2 win.

Best players:
Kekava #96 Kristine Kirilova
Pruske #4 Ivana Hrehusova