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U19 WFCQ 2018 - Day 1 summary – 08.09.2017


The Women´s U19 World Championships 2018 Qualification started today in Linz, Austria, with 4 teams competing for two spots in the Final round .
This is the first ever time that a Qualification is needed in the Women´s U19 WFC and the teams participating.are Austria, Italy, The Netherlands and Russia.



Italy took on Netherlands in the first match of the event and took the lead on their first shot on goal.
The Netherlands equalised almost instantly and then turned the match to 3-1 after the first period. The Italians kept up the play during the 2nd period but some unlucky 30 seconds at half the matc gave the Netherlands first a penalty shot which resulted in a goal and then an own goal was made. Before the 2nd period ended also 6-1 was scored. Team Netherlands proved to be a number to big for Italy in this match and won in the end with 10-1.

Match statistics can be found here



The home team Austria met a Russian team that started in a furious tempo and produced a number of chances. Nevertheless it was Austria that took the lead on a counter-attack. The Austrian joy didn´t last long, just 15 seconds later Russia equalised. In the middle of the period Russia made three quick goals but Team Austria managed to get the tempo down after having scored their 2nd goal on a penalty shot.
Russia continued to have a firm grip in the 2nd period and even if the Austrian players quite well kept their positions Team Russia could increase their lead to 9-3.
Both teams appeared to be thinking of the next match since the tempo went down dramatically in the 3rd period. This didn´t stop the teams from scoring though and the final score was 12-4 to Russia.

Match statistics can be found here

Photo: Hannes Draxler

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