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TWG 2017: Final day recap – 30.07.2017

The day that everyone had been waiting for. The Final day. After being disappointed by losing the semi-final, Finland met Czech Republic in the Bronze match and won the even match 2-0. The Final between Switzerland and Sweden was dramatic. The Swiss were on a 4-1 lead but in the end lost the match 5-7 to Sweden.

Photo Martin Flousek

In the Bronze match Finland met Czech Republic. The two teams had met already during the Group round, when Finland won them with a two-goal difference. The Bronze match was no different. Even though Czech Republic had more dangerous scoring chances, they were unable to use them, which cost them their victory. Finland were able to score their first goal on power play and the second goal was scored at the end of the second period into an empty net. Though the Finns were disappointed that they weren’t in the final, the reigning World Champions didn’t need to leave Wroclaw without a medal. Read the full match report here.

The Final between Switzerland and Sweden offered true elite floorball entertainment to the crowd. Switzerland took a strong 4-1 lead during the second period, but before the period was up, Sweden had evened the score to 5-5. The speed and physicality of the match got the sold out WKK Arena excited and the fans cheered for their team. During the third period, Sweden went to a 6-5 lead. Switzerland tried their best and even came close from time to time, but Sweden sealed the deal with an empty net goal. They became The World Games 2017 winners! Read the full match report here.