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TWG 2017: Day 3 Recap – 30.07.2017

The Day 3 of The World Games was the semi-final day. Switzerland defeated the reigning World Champions Finland 5-2 and Sweden won against Czech Republic also 5-2. In tomorrow’s Final Switzerland and Sweden will meet for the second time in this tournament. Also a battle for the 5th place was seen. Despite the loud home crowd, Poland lost the match to USA 4-1.

Switzerland and Finland battled for a spot in the historic The World Games Final in the first semi-final match of the day. Both teams had scoring opportunities in the first period, but the first goal was scored by the Swiss on penalty shot. The Swiss played entertaining floorball and were on top of their game unlike Finland who had had a rather difficult tournament so far. Switzerland won the match 5-2 and celebrated their place in The World Games Final. Read the full match report here.

In the second semi-final match, the Scandinavian floorball giant Sweden played against Czech Republic. The Czech Team entered the rink with thundering support from their fans who had travelled to Poland in masses making the stands red, white and blue. The team answered their fans’ call with a goal, but soon enough Sweden turned the tables around. Czech Republic had several scoring opportunities but the Swedish goalkeeper Viktor Klintsten was having a good day. In the end Sweden won the match 5-2 and joins Switzerland in the Final. Read the full match report here.

USA faced Poland in the battle for the 5th place at The World Games. The home crowd was even louder than before, if possible and team USA fans also showed their support. The “let’s go USA let’s go!” shouts were rewarded as USA took a 2-0 lead during the first ten minutes. Despite many chances, Poland weren’t able to score even on a five-minute power play. They were just a shadow from the aggressive and spirited team we had seen play against Finland. Team USA were more energetic throughout the match whereas Poland seemed a bit tired and made simple mistakes which cost them their victory. USA took the 5th place with a score 4-1. Read the full match report here.

Photos: Martin Flousek & Mika Hilska