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Eiremo quits playing – 05.06.2017

Swedish national team captain Josefina Eiremo has decided to put her stick on the shelf.

Josefina Eiremo is a known name in the floorball world. She has won several World Championships, four to be exact, with the Swedish national team and last season she won the Swedish national championship with her club team IKSU. She has acted as team captain in both teams and has also been part of the IFF Athletes’ Commission since 2013.

Eiremo in WFC 2015 in Tampere.

All in all, Eiremo has won 13 golds during her 12-year career:
- That´s not what one does not think of while playing. But now that I´m thinking back and summarizing my career it´s incredible, says Eiremo.
- I feel incredibly lucky. There are many who never experience either national championship or WFC gold. It´s too good to be true, it feels like. It´s unimaginable.

Eiremo will be missed. Swedish national team’s head coach Andreas Lundmark is grateful for all she’s done:
- She has been the link between the team and us, the staff. She stands for an immense professionalism, that´s her trademark. She always has the glint in the eye, but with a lot of professionalism behind.

National team manager Joakim Lindström says that Eiremo is truly a special player:
- Without a doubt, she is one of Sweden´s biggest players and it´s hard to find a more humble person than Josefina. That, along with her professionalism, has been a major part of IKSU´s business for so many years, something she later brought in the national team business. I wish Josefina all the best with her future challenges.

Source: Svensk Innebandy