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TWG Player Interviews: Granvald & Zimmermann – 16.06.2017

Alexander Granvald made his national team debut with team USA in the WFC 2016 and with his performance he earned himself a spot in The World Games (TWG) roster. Stefan Zimmermann was one of the top scorers of team USA in Riga in December and will also be seen in Wroclaw, Poland.

  Alexander Granvald
Player number: 10
Current position: Forward
Grip: left
Height: 185
Date of birth: 18.09.1992
Country of birth: USA
Current Club: Alvsjo AIK (SWE)
Original Club: GAIK Vasby IBK (SWE)
  Stefan Zimmermann
Player number: 83
Current position: Forward
Grip: left
Height: 185
Date of birth: 26.09.1983
Country of birth: USA
Current Club: Zurisee Unihockey (SUI)
Original Club: UHC Pfannenstiel (SUI)

How does it feel to be part of the national team?
Alexander: Incredible! Representing your country is the highest honor for me as an athlete.
Stefan: It makes me very proud to represent our country and our sport, wearing the game jersey and listening to the national anthem is always very special.

How does it feel to be playing at TWG?
Alexander: The thought of competing in the biggest sports event of this year is very exciting, and it is a great opportunity for floorball to get more recognition all over the world.
Stefan: This is certainly one of the highlights in my aging floorball career!

Who would you say is your toughest opponent at TWG?
Alexander: All nations in the tournament have teams to be reckoned with, they all have great players and staff. It´s impossible to name only one country as our toughest opponent.
Stefan: It´s no surprise that every game will be very hard.

How did you start playng floorball?
Alexander: My father coached my older brother and his team as I grew up. I remember that I used to run on the court during intermission and take some shots on goal.
Stefan: I started playing Ice Hockey when I was 5 years old and switched as a Teenager.

What has been your most memorable floorball moment so far?
Alexander: At the WFC in Riga, with our last game of the tournament against Canada that we won and made us reach our goal - qualifying for the World Games.
Stefan: Possibly the extremely exciting 1-0 victory over Canada to qualify for the World Games!

Who do you look up to? Any idols?
Alexander: Tom Brady, he is in my mind one of the greatest athletes in the world and I admire his mentality and competitiveness.
Stefan: Tough question! Most professional athletes for their determination and discipline.