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TWG Team Presentation: Poland – 05.06.2017

Team Poland are all set for The World Games with their mixture of youth and experience. Jan Holovka stated in his coach interview (read it here) that Poland´s goal is to gain experience and play nice floorball against high-quality opponents.

How did you decide on this roster?
We chose the players who played well in the WFC 2016 and we also had two training camps regarding The World Games at the beginning of the year.

What kind of a team do you have?
We tried to combine youth and experience. We are working with a two-year perspective, so we have young players in the team with a perspective in the future. Based on performance, we have included two U19 players in the team who have shown very high-quality performances at the recent U19 WFC. Young players need to gain as much experience as possible at this level, I believe that this event, and especially such high-quality opponents, will help us.

If you would need to use only three words to describe the team, what would they be?
Cohesiveness, determination, dedication.

What are your team’s strengths and weaknesses?
Because we have quite a young team, the weak side can be the lack of experience playing matches against such high-quality opponents. On the other hand, it is a home tournament, I believe that players will be well-motivated and give 100%, so the dedication and maximum effort of the players are some of our strengths.

Which three players people should watch and why?
Here I will not be specific, in the team we have more than three skilful players that are worth watching. Everyone will want to show their skills to the home audience.

What are your goals?
The goal is to play nice floorball against the absolute world top teams and gain as much experience as possible. Not every day we can have the chance to play with such high-quality teams.