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Meet TWG Refs – Boström & Söderman – 31.05.2017

Boström and Söderman at the WFC 2016 in Riga.

The Swedish referee pair Glenn Boström and Håkan Söderman have whistled together since 2013. Both have plenty of refereeing experience and Håkan even from other sports. Now their next refereeing challenge will be The World Games in Wroclaw.

Glenn Boström
Age: 42
Refereed since 1986
Country of birth: Sweden
Profession: IT-consultant

Håkan Söderman
Age: 48
Refereed since 1996
Country of birth: Sweden
Profession: Floorball consultant

Your most memorable refereeing moment?
Glenn: I would say it was last year’s Swedish national finals with over 18 000 spectators.
Håkan: I have to say the same as Glenn, the Swedish Final 2016 and also the semi-final in WFC 2010 at Hartwall Arena.

Weirdest situation that you have faced in a floorball match?
Glenn: There have been some, I can tell you that. But too many to pick only one.
Håkan: One of the most interesting situations was in a final when I almost knocked a player over with my arm when I was showing the direction. Also, another weird situation can be seen on the video below. This happened in the Swedish Final 2016 in front of 18 000 spectators. 

Most peculiar thing a player has said to you in a floorball match?
Glenn: This happened very early in my career. A player asked permission to go to the bathroom during a game.
Håkan: Hmm… There have been so many that I can’t remember.


The World Games will be played in Wroclaw, Poland 20th-30th of July. The Floorball competition will be held over 4 days, from 27th - 30th July, and will involve 6 men´s teams divided into two groups of 3. Group A consists of Finland, Czech Republic and Poland and Group B consists of Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

More information about The World Games can be found here: www.floorball.org/pages/EN/World-Games-2017