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U19 WFC 2017 A-Division: Day 5 – 07.05.2017

Czech Republic won Bronze by beating the Swiss 8-5. Finland became the Men´s U19 World Champions for the second time in a row.

Switzerland – Czech Republic 3rd place 5-8 (3-3, 0-2, 2-3)
The Bronze match at arena Vida was full of speed. During the first period both teams had lots of counter attacks and also scoring chances. After 20 minutes the score was even 3-3. The second period started with a Czech powerplay, which turned out to be ineffective. Right as the previous penalty ended, players from both teams got a 2+10. No goals were seen during the four against four, but the Czechs managed to score two goals before the end of the period. In third period, Czech Republic increased their lead already to 7-3. The Swiss tried their best to even the score but they flustered a bit. In the end Czech Republic won the match, and the bronze medals, 8-5.

Best players:
SUI #14 Laubscher Simon
CZE #10 Juha Josef

Finland – Sweden Final 7-4 (3-0, 2-3, 2-1)
The first period of the Final between Finland and Sweden was mostly controlled by the Finns. They scored their first goal at 3:20. Few minutes later, Finnish player Justus Kainulainen scored a beautiful goal and took his team to a 2-0 lead. At the end on the period the Finns were in a 3-0 lead. The first Swedish goal was seen in the first period, but only few minutes later the Finns scored their 5th goal. Finland took two penalties in a row and the Swedish got a chance to play 5 against 3. They used this opportunity wisely and decreased the score to 5-2. Sweden got another chance at powerplay in the halfway of the period and were effective. After 40 minutes the score was 5-3. In the third period both teams lost the ball from time to time and many counter attacks were seen. The score was 6-4 when Sweden tried to score with 6 against 5. 11 seconds left on the clock and Kainulainen scored his fourth goal of the match, an empty net, and sealed the deal. Finland became the Men’s U19 World Champions for the second time in a row.

Best players:
FIN #18 Kainulainen Justus
SWE #8 Broby Kasper

Photos: IFF Flickr