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Play-Offs in Ukraine – 14.03.2017

The teams in the Ukrainian Championship semi-finals are set.

The third round of the Ukrainian Championships, both Men and Women, was played in Zaporizhia 11th-12th of February and 24th-26th of February. The top four teams in both categories have proceeded to the play-offs which will be played in Lviv, 28th-30th of April.

Standings (Men):

The semi-final pairs in the Men’s will be as follows:
STORM Теrnopil - LEMBERG Lviv
NADIYA Kolomyya - SKALA Melitopol

Standings (Women):

The semi-final pairs in the Women’s will be as follows:
SKIF Novyj Rosdil - YANTAR Novojavorivsk
SKALA Мelitopol - NADIYA Kolomyya