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Women´s WFCQ 2017 EUR4 - Final Day – 05.02.2017

Two games in qualification group Europe 4 as well for the day, the first one Latvia against Hungary and the second and the last of the whole tournament, Spain against Ukraine.

The draw between Denmark and Norway meant that only the victory for either of the teams would mean secured spot in the final round. Both teams would naturally would have liked that option better than having to wait and see what happens in the other qualification groups.

Hungary was able to challenge Latvians in the beginning of the match, but quite soon team Latvia took the control of the game and showed their experience in decisive games. No mercy was asked for, nor given. Latvia had the 6-1 lead in the end of the second period and there was not much for the Hungarians to do.

In the third period Latvia was more or less securing the victory and enjoying the game. 10-1 was enough for Latvia for the victory and for the place in the Final Round. 

Spain vs Ukraine

Spain had the chance of making it to the Final Round if they would have won against Hungary yesterday, but this time Hungary was too strong for Spain. Ukraine has been the underdog of the tournament but still played good games and one needs to remember that this was the first tournament of the Ukrainian Women’s team on this level.

Both teams looked kind of exhausted and the game never had the full speed. Spain controlling and Ukraine trying to fight back as much as they could. No goals during the first period, but in the second team Spain started the scoring.

By the end of the second period Spain already had the 5-0 lead and the third period was merely a formality in the game. 7-0 victory and the fourth place in the group was secured.

Czech Republic and Latvia qualifies to the Final Round.