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Women´s WFCQ 2017 EUR 4 - MVPs – 05.02.2017

In the Women´s WFCQ European Groups no All Star Teams were elected. Instead, a Most Valued Player (MVP) was selected from each participating team. As an honor for winnig team of the group EUR4 an extra MVP was selected. The selection was done by the local organisers.

In the WFCQ 2017 EUR 4 the MVPs were as follows:

CZE: # 5 Eliska Krupnova & # 20 Kamila Paloncyova  (winner of group)
LAT: # 13 Gunita Karklina 
HUN: # 6 Nora Susztak 
ESP: # 1 Patricia Amores Puhl
UKR: # 14 Vasylyna Kozak