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Play-offs in Slovakia – 18.03.2016

The Men’s quarter-finals have been played in Slovakia and in the Women’s league the finalists are already set.

Florko Kosice won the men’s regular season in Slovakia. ATU Kosice came second, 1.FBC Trencin third and the reigning champion, Grasshoppers Zilina, fourth. The quarter-finals have already been played with a best of five system.

The current silver medallist ATU Kosice won all the matches against Lido Bratislava and proceeded to semi-finals. Florko Kosice won against Hurikan Bratislava 3-1 and Grasshoppers Zilina won against Mikulas Presov 3-1. Despite having a better regular season, 1. FBC Trencin wasn’t able to defeat Salming Trencin (eighth in the regular season). Salming Trencin made their way to the next round by beating 1. FBC Trencin 3-1.

The semi-finals will be played with a best of five system as well. The matches will be played 19.3, 20.3, 26.3 and if needed 27.3 plus 30.3. Interestingly the teams are the same as last season:
Florko Košice - Salming Trenčín
ATU Košice - Grasshoppers Žilina

More information: http://statistiky.szfb.sk/liga/2015-2016/mex/detail/play-off

Spisska Nova Ves won the women’s regular season in Slovakia. The reigning champion FbK Tvrdosin came second and SK 98 Pruske third. NTS Nemsova took the fourth place. The quarter-finals were played with a best of five system and all pairs were settled already after three matches. Spisska Nova Ves defeated Kysucke Nove Mesto, FbK Tvrdosin beat Hurikan Bratislava and SK 98 Pruske won against the current silver medallist DFA Nitra. Mikulas Presov (fifth in the regular season) was able to defeat NTS Nemsova and thus got their place in the semi-finals.

The semi-finals were also played with a best of five system. In the semi-finals Spisska Nova Ves faced Mikulas Presov. the regular season winner Spisska was able to make their way to the final by winning against Mikulas Presov 3-1. The semi-final pair, FbK Tvrdosin – SK 98 Pruske, was more even. In the fifth game SK 98 Pruske took their third win and advanced to the final.

Final matches will be played 19.3, 20.3, 26.3 and if needed 27.3 plus 2.4.
Spisska Nova Ves – SK 98 Pruske

More information: http://statistiky.szfb.sk/liga/2015-2016/zex/detail/play-off