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Women´s quarter-finals in Sweden – 14.03.2016

Pixbo Wallenstam won the women’s regular season in Sweden and got a ticket to the Champions Cup 2016 in Borås.

Pixbo Wallenstam. Photo: Per Wiklund

The regular season is over in Sweden and Pixbo Wallenstam was the winner with 71 points. Two points behind was IKSU. The reigning champion KAIS Mora came third with 61 points. KAIS Mora’s Anna Wijk was the top scorer for the second time. Endre IF took the fourth place with 57 points.

The last place in the play-offs went to Karlstad IBF with 30 points. Just below the play-off line was Malmö FBC with also 30 points. Jönköpings IK and IBF Falun came last with less than ten points.

KAIS Mora´s Anna Wijk in red. Photo: Fredrik Lindblom

The quarter-finals will start this week and will be played with a best of five system. Here are the quarter-final pairs:
IKSU - Karlstad IBF (starts 17.3)
KAIS Mora - Täby FC IBK (starts 17.3)
Pixbo Wallenstam - FBC Uppsala (starts 18.3)
Endre IF - Rönnby Västerås (starts 18.3)

The Superfinal will be played 16.4. in the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.

More information: http://www.innebandy.se/ResultatSpelprogram/Resultatspelprog/
Photo: Per Wiklund